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State News


President’s Message

I hope that you all have had a safe and happy summer.   The National Convention in St. Louis is now behind us. Overall, I think that it … Read More...


Chaplain’s Message

Brothers, At the time Iā€™m writing this, it has been two weeks since the National Convention in St. Louis. By now everybody should know that Jere … Read More...

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Upcoming Events


2014 National Convention

The 2014 National Convention will take place in St. Louis, Mo. All information will be on the website www.AOH2014STL.com. JULY 30 ā€“ AUGUST 3, … Read More...


East Durham Meeting

The Spring Meeting in East Durham will take place on May 3rd at the Shamrock House at 10:00 AM. More details to follow. … Read More...

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