On the 10th Anniversary of the September 11th Attacks

By David A. Ring

It is hard to fathom that ten years have passed since those horrific moments on the morning of September 11, 2001.  In the space of a few hours, it seemed that our whole world had changed and that the United States of America would never be the same.  Our nation and the world were shocked and stunned; our pain and grief was beyond expression.

Suddenly thousands had perished.  More would follow due to the events in the aftermath.  Time has passed, but the pain of our losses and the memory of that day has not dulled.  The historic relevance of that terrorist act will never fade.

The perpetrators of these attacks took joy in their perceived victory.  They watched for us to fall apart.  They anticipated our capitulation to the demands of their cause.  They assumed oncoming social and economic turmoil.  They proceeded to plan more attacks on our nation.

What these people didn’t truly understand was the real American spirit.  They didn’t realize that we do not capitulate.  They didn’t comprehend that our beliefs are totally ingrained in our beings, that we, as people, believe in freedom and democracy as being not just words, but the essence of our philosophy.  They were foolish to challenge the resolve of the American people.

Ten years from that tragic morning, we can now reflect on ourselves as people and a nation.  We have taken realistic precautions, but we have not changed our ways, our lifestyles, or our beliefs.  Our system of democracy continues.  Our belief in justice for all has grown stronger, not only in our homeland, but for all who need our support.

We have actively sought out those who would force their twisted beliefs on others through terrorist acts and have foiled thousands of their plots.  There have not been any successful attacks on U.S. soil since 9/11 by these groups.  They confused our niceness for weakness, and they have, and will, continue to pay the price.  Their leader already has.

As we gather now on this solemn anniversary let us remember the innocent people lost on that day.  Let us remember those who have given their all since that day to guarantee the freedom of others.  Let us always keep them in our hearts and our minds.  Let us vow to ourselves that we will carry on the pursuit of righteousness in honor of their, and our, defense and support of freedom, justice, and liberty for all people.