President’s Report – December 2018

President Vic Vogel

It was great to see so many Hibernian Brothers at the November New York State Board Meeting.  I want to thank those Brothers who organized and attended the meeting and the Testimonial Dinner.  I am extremely grateful!

I want to congratulate the Officers of the New York State Board for their continued efforts to preserve and advance our Irish Culture and the Good Work of the Order.  I want to thank the many Counties and Divisions for their participation and leadership in bringing to fruition the Good Work of the Order.  There are many New York State Hibernian events to look forward to in the upcoming months.  Please consult the NYS AOH Website for specific details.

I would like to repeat an objective that I wrote in my last report.  As New York State President, I want to encourage and support all Elected and Appointed Officers of all jurisdictions to perform their respective duties at the highest possible level.  In order to advance the Good of the Order, I will use the authority granted to me by our Constitution, the traditions of our Order and good common sense to ensure your success.  I am asking you to use your term of office to achieve your greatest goals.  Please feel free to share with me any ideas you might have toward that end.  Your success is my goal!

In closing, I would like to wish all of my Hibernian Brothers and Sisters and your Families a Happy Thanksgiving and a Happy and Holy Christmas. God Bless Us All!

President’s Message for February 2016

As we gear up for the Lenten and St. Patrick’s season, let’s remember the reasons we joined this organization: Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity. From time to time this message gets lost and some Brothers may tend to stray from the dictates of our Order. Please stop and reflect what this organization means to you.

I can’t say it’s been a long winter, because let’s face facts, it hasn’t been too wintry lately, but trust me I’m not complaining.

Members of the State Board have been hard at work on many different projects, many of which you will read about in this newsletter.

Since our last issue I’ve had the pleasure to attend many installations, dinners, fundraisers and meetings around the State. I thank the Brothers who provided me the finest in Hibernian Hospitality. In January, I and members of the Board traveled to Washington D.C. to attend the Annual March for Life. The threat of a blizzard did little to dampen the enthusiasm of the participants. As a first time marcher, I was in awe of the spirit of the thousands of high school and college students we encountered. It truly gives me hope that the future of the Pro-Life movement in this Country will thrive for years to come.

1916 Educational Programming Grants
Need based educational grants are available to divisions and counties who are planning educational programs open to the public. The goal of the grant program is to provide funding to subsidize the cost of events that not only educate our members, but the public to the events surrounding the 1916 Rising. Each district within the state will be allocated funds. Our 1916 committee will consider each grant application and determine the events qualified to receive funding. Limited funds are available. A grant application is attached to this newsletter.

The NY State Board Spring Meeting will take place on Saturday, April 30, 2016, beginning at 10:00 AM, at the Shamrock House 2388 State Route 145 East Durham, N.Y. 12423.

President Timothy McSweeney

President’s Message – December 2015

Timothy McSweeney

To say that being the President of the State is a challenge is an understatement, but I am enjoying it immensely. The long hours of travel to be with Brothers around the State and countless emails and phone calls only proves to me that New York State is alive and the Good works of Our Order are being carried all over the State.

As I write this report, I reflect on the guidance and support I received from three recently deceased State Board Members, Arnie Nagelhout, Jack Irwin and John Egan. I had the honor of learning from these men throughout the years and their contributions to my “Hibernian Education” go beyond words. Rest in Peace Brothers.

Plans are moving ahead for 1916 Commemorations around the State. 1916 Committee Co- Chairs John Manning and Keith Reynolds are spearheading our efforts. The State will be focusing on a series of educational events in each of the 8 districts. These events will partially be funded by grants received from the State Board. All Jurisdictions should be in the planning stages for coordinating 1916 events.

Information flow on the website and social media sites is constantly being updated, please provide any information that your jurisdiction wants publicized. Kevin Cummings and Kevin Ellis are doing a great job as co-webmasters.

Looking ahead, our spring meeting will be held on April 30th at 10:30am at the Shamrock House in East Durham NY. This is a week early due to how the calendar falls.

I look forward to seeing Brothers around the State as we begin the installation season.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a safe and healthy Christmas Season.

State President’s Message – September 2015

Brothers, please accept my deepest thanks for electing me as President of the NYS board. As President, I am a leader of an outstanding group of men, who are truly devoted to works of our Order and will work to bring our state to new levels over the next two years.

With the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising right around the corner, The State Board is planning many events to commemorate and educate our members and the public at large about the important role in Irish History the rising was. To lead our efforts, Keith Reynolds and John Manning will serve as co-chairs of the NYS 1916 committee. Please contact Keith or John if your division or County is planning any events regarding 1916. Information about the educational series grants will be forthcoming.

The Fall State Board Meeting will be held on November 7th, 11:00am at the Albany Hibernian Hall, 375 Ontario St, Albany. The hotel is the Best Western Sovereign, 1228 Western Ave Albany NY 12203, (across from SUNY Albany entrance) phone 518-489-2981. Use code AOH for the Friday and Saturday night rate of $85 plus tax. Included are a full breakfast, parking, indoor pool and exercise room.

Lastly, let us keep Arnie Nagelhout and his family in our prayers. A gentle giant, a kind soul and a true Hibernian in every sense of the word. May you rest in Peace, Brother.

Timothy McSweeney