Veterans Affairs

I would like to take this opportunity to thank President Jim Burke for appointing me to this Chair. I will try to keep our members up to date on Veterans Affairs.

Continuing from a previous report on Home Depot; as I reported, Home Depot has been very supportive of our GIs and their families. They provide transfers for a GI and his family members to another store near their new assignment. The company recently launched a new website highlighting its commitment to our GIs and their families and has offered a free Military skills Translator tool for some time now. The tool is designed to translate and match an applicant’s military skills to positions that might offer the best career fit.

If you are a military spouse or veteran entrepreneur the Rosie Network wants to help you. It is a non-profit funded by military spouses and U.S. Veterans, active, retired or reserve. Starting this September, the Rosie Network at www.TheRosieNetwork.Org will launch a free web-based search tool which will enable the public to easily locate products and services provided by military spouses or Veteran-owned companies.
Please remember all our Veterans in your prayers. God Bless America

Veterans Report June 2011

This report is a follow up to one I did late last year. It concerns the CAREGIVERS AND VETERANS OMNIBUS HEALTH SERVICES ACT OF 2010. Starting May 9, 2011 the VA’s office of Care Management and Social Work will open up the application process for eligible post 9/11 veterans and service members to designate their Family Caregivers.

Additional services for primary Family Caregivers of eligible post 9/11 veterans and Service members include a stipend, mental health services, and access to health care insurance, if they are not already entitled to care and services under a health care plan. Comprehensive Caregiver training and medical support are other key components of this program. The program builds on the foundation of Caregiver support now provided at VA and reflects what families and clinicians have long known; that Family Caregivers in a home environment can enhance the health and wellbeing of Veterans under VA care.

Starting May 9, 2011 veterans may download a copy of the Family Caregiver program application (VA CG 1010) at The document allows the veteran to designate a primary Family Caregiver and secondary Caregiver if necessary. The VA offers a wide range of Caregiver support services including training, counseling and respite care to ensure that Caregivers have the tools and support they need.

VA programs for Veterans and their Family Caregivers include: InHome and community based care including skilled healthcare. Respite care designed to give the Family Caregiver a break from caring for the Veteran. Education and training programs for the Caregivers. Caregiver support groups including temporary lodging at Fisher House.
The VA provides durable medical equipment for the home.

The Family Caregiver assistance center can be reached at

Please keep our troops and their families in your prayers.