Staten Island Hibernians Welcome Four New Brothers

(l-r) New Hibernians Martin Fleishman, Wayne Sommers, Michael King and John McDonald

Four new Brother Hibernians were initiated into the Order at the June 11th meeting of St. Columcille Division #4, Richmond County. The candidates were sworn into the Order by President Thomas F. Gray, and the initiation ceremony was witnessed by Brother Martin Crimmins, New York District 5 Director.

The Division bid a heart cead mile failte to new Brothers Martin Fleishman, Wayne Sommers, Michael King and John McDonald. Each newly-initiated Brother was presented with copies of a short history of the AOH, a lapel pin of the Emblem of the Order, and a document describing the meaning of the AOH Emblem by Brother Denis P. McGowan, Richmond County Board Recording Secretary.

The June Division meeting was well attended by over 40 Brothers, and we were delighted to have Br. Michael Hannon, CFC, Assistant Chaplain and faculty member of Msgr. Farrell High School, who led us in the Division’s opening and closing prayers.

The Irish history lesson being delivered by Brother Denis P. McGowan

The Division received a lecture on Irish history on the Molly Maguires of Pennsylvania from Brother McGowan, and the fight against injustice, brutal working conditions and their framing by a Pinkerton detective who was an agent provocateur or agitator. The Pinkerton detective led these Irish Catholic men to become victims of brutal retaliation from the rich mine owners’ private police force and the corrupt county prosecutor. Innocent Brother Hibernians were wrongfully convicted and hanged because of the false testimony of the Pinkerton detective. Over a century later, the Governor of the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania pardoned all of these Irishmen, recognizing their innocence and the travesty of justice that had occurred.

St. Columcille Division # 4 meets every second Monday at the Staten Island Elks Lodge No. 841 at 8:00 pm. The Division was established on April 3, 1970 by Brother Philip McCusker and Brother William J. Bartnett, and currently has over 196 Brothers. Several Division # 4 Brothers also serve on the Richmond County Board as officers. The Division is very involved with the Staten Island Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, the Staten Ireland Irish Fair, the Columcille Irish Cultural Center and the AOH CuChulainn Celtic Warrior Major Degree Team.

News item submitted by Brother Denis P. McGowan; photos submitted by Brother Denis P. McGowan and Brother Kevin Mannion