NYS AOH Board Scholarship Awarded to Elizabeth Encke

(l-r) Tom Beirne, NYAOH Treasurer, Lisa Encke, Elizabeth Encke, 2020 NYAOH Scholarship recipient, John Encke, Financial Secretary, Division 2 Orange County, Dermot O’Connor Moore, NYAOH Scholarship Chair and Kevin Cummings, NYAOH Assistant Webmaster and Scholarship Committee member.

On May 27, 2020, the New York State AOH Board 2020 Scholarship was presented to Elizabeth Encke, daughter of John and Lisa Encke of Highland Mills, NY.  Elizabeth’s father, John is the Financial Secretary for Division 2 in Cornwall, Orange County.  Elizabeth was presented with a check in the amount of $3000 and a certificate in recognition of her outstanding achievement.  Presenting the award and representing the NYAOH Board were Tom Beirne, NYAOH Treasurer, Dermot O’Connor Moore, NYAOH Scholarship Chair and Kevin Cummings, NYAOH Assistant Webmaster and Scholarship Committee member.

Receiving the AOH Scholarship will allow Elizabeth to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. She was recently accepted to the nursing program at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT and hopes to complete part of her studies in Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland where the university maintains an affiliate clinical site. Elizabeth is excited about the opportunity which will give her a chance to visit the area where her great-grandparents lived as well as visit with cousins still living in Ireland.

Elizabeth will soon be graduated from Immaculate Heart Academy (IHA) in Bergen County, New Jersey, where her mother Lisa is on the faculty and where Elizabeth pursued a well-rounded and rigorous academic program. While attending IHA, Elizabeth served as the service president of Campus Ministry and coordinated Midnight Runs to feed the homeless of New York City. She also served as vice president of the National Art Honor Society. Elizabeth served as Secretary of her parish youth group for three years and volunteered in various activities with the Sisters of Life, and the Franciscan Friars of Renewal. Elizabeth also spent time assisting at the warming station for individuals experiencing homelessness, a pastoral activity coordinated by the Newburgh Ministry.  She also accompanied her father and his AOH brothers as they prepared and delivered Christmas turkey dinners for families in need in the surrounding communities. Elizabeth thanked the committee and asked that they covey her sincere gratitude for the opportunity to pursue a career where the Order’s motto is practiced.

According to Dermot Moore, NYAOH Scholarship Committee Chair, “The committee received 28 applications from across the state and it was incredibly difficult to choose a winner from all the highly qualified applicants–all exceeding bright young men and women.” Moore continued, ” All those who applied should be proud of their accomplishments and we wish them the best of luck in their future studies.”  Moore added “I want to thank the NYAOH Executive Board for allowing me to lead this effort and I thank the Scholarship Committee members:  Neil Cosgrove, Kevin Cummings, Tim McSweeney, Michael Tobin and John Wolfe for their long hours during this difficult but highly successful application cycle.”  

(l-r) Tom Beirne, NYAOH Treasurer, Elizabeth Encke, 2020 NYAOH Scholarship recipient, Dermot O’Connor Moore, NYAOH Scholarship Chair and Kevin Cummings, NYAOH Assistant Webmaster and Scholarship Committee member.

Ancient Order of Hibernians Call on President to Appoint Special Envoy

With Collapse of Talks in Northern Ireland, Ancient Order of Hibernians Calls on President Trump to Fulfill Pledge to Appoint Special Envoy

With the collapse today of talks seeking to restore the devolved Northern Ireland Government, the Ancient Order of Hibernians expressed their concern over the future of U.S. brokered Good Friday Agreement and renewed their calls for appointment of a U.S. Special Envoy to Northern Ireland

In a letter to President Trump, Secretary of State Tillerson and members of Congress, AOH Political Education Chairman Neil Cosgrove writes:

“The statement made today by DUP leader Arlene Foster that there is no prospect that continued negotiations will lead to a restoration of Northern Ireland’s power-sharing government indicate that the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) and the progress of the past twenty years are in dire peril.

For Ms. Foster and the DUP to raze the Northern Ireland government over the canard that an Irish Language Act is a “new demand” is unconscionable. The commitment to an Irish Language Act is stipulated in decades-old signed agreement and is another example of the DUP’s failure to act in good faith. The intransigence of the DUP to enact an Irish language act is a renunciation of their Good Friday obligation to act with “mutual respect for the identity and ethos of both communities and parity of esteem”. The DUP should no longer be enabled in their cynical attempts to reverse the roles of victim and offender by attacking those who seek nothing more than the fulfillment of their previous commitments.

The refusal of the DUP to meet with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar as he attempted to aid in negotiations is an arrogant repudiation of the Republic of Ireland as co-signer and partner in the Good Friday Agreement. That the DUP again demonstrated that they possess a veto over Prime Minister May’s Northern Ireland policy decisions highlights the absurdity that the British Government can simultaneously honor its GFA commitment to act with “rigorous impartiality” in Northern Ireland while dependent on ten DUP seats to cling to power.

The Good Friday Agreement was a landmark in U.S. Diplomacy; the devolved, power-sharing government of Northern Ireland a milestone achievement. A return to direct rule from Westminster coupled with the prospect of a Brexit “hard border” will do incalculable damage to the Good Friday Agreement and the twenty years of peace it has engendered. Good Friday was only made possible when the U.S. signaled its interest in Northern Ireland by appointing a capable Special Envoy in the person of Senator George Mitchell. It is time for the U.S. to reaffirm its commitment to a lasting peace with justice in Northern Ireland. In September 2017, President Trump committed to appointing a Special Envoy to Northern Ireland; the AOH reminds the president of his pledge and asks him to honor it before the Good Friday Agreement is irretrievably undermined”

(note this article originally appeared on the National AOH Web Site)

AOH Demands Apology from Alex Trebek over Defamatory Broadcast Comments


New City, New York – 10/19/16 – The Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH)

The Ancient Order of Hibernians condemns the outrageous comments made by host Alex Trebek on the episode of “Jeopardy!” which aired on 10/18/16. During the contestant interview section, Mr. Trebek queried contestant Shannon Dilmore on his Irish connection given his first name of “Shannon”. Mr. Dillmore stated that he has visited all 26 Counties of the Republic of Ireland and has hill walked all of its highest peaks. It was at this point that Mr. Trebek took it upon himself to ask Mr. Dillmore “Were you sober when you did it?”

We are sure the Jeopardy research staff can provide voluminous material to Mr. Trebek and the show’s producers documenting the bigoted history behind the cliché of conflating Irishness with Drunkenness. As a show that prides itself on its educational value, specifically as regards children, we find such an insensitive and prejudiced remark by the public face of Jeopardy inexcusable. We question if Mr. Trebek would utter such a defaming remark if the target was another heritage. We note the sad irony that the show’s creator Merv Griffin was himself an Irish American; Mr. Trebek who makes a comfortable living off of Mr. Griffin’s legacy should be ashamed for defaming the heritage Mr. Griffin expressed great pride in.

The Ancient Order of Hibernians calls for Mr. Trebek and “Jeopardy!” to immediately issue a full and complete on-air apology to the Irish community for his crass, denigrating remark. We also ask our membership and members of the broader Irish American community to contact “Jeopardy!” Productions at (310) 244-8855 to express their anger at this defamation targeting people of Irish heritage and demand an on-air apology by Mr. Trebeck.




AOH Rockland County Board Bestows Honors at Annual Emerald Ball


The Pearl River Hilton was the setting for the Rockland County

AOH Emerald Ball on February 27th.


Dermot Moore was honored as Grand Marshal of the Rockland County St. Patrick’s Day Parade Neil Cosgrove was honored as Hibernian of the Year
Margie Mulvihill was honored as Businesswoman of the year
Detective Cyril Kerr was named Parade Commander of the Rockland Parade.
Kevin Donahue was named Aide to the Grand Marshal for the NYC Parade