4th Generation Schenectady President Awarded National Life Membership


Pictured – Tim McSweeney, Mike Glenn, Jim Scott, and Liam McNabb


On November 19th, National Director Liam McNabb awarded Schenectady JFK Division #1 Past President Mike Glenn with National Life Membership during the Schenectady Installation Dinner. Currently, Mike is the Chairman of the Schenectady Major Degree Team.  Mike began in the AOH as a Junior member and is a 4th generation Division President. Mike’s Great Grandfather Patrick Glenn served as Division President of Schenectady in 1903. Also that evening, John Humphries was honored as Division #1 Hibernian of the Year. 

Nation Life Membership Awarded to Albany Hibernian

Fr. Henry Tansey Division #5 member Paul Murray was awarded National Life Membership by the AOH National Board for decades of tireless service and staunch dedication to the AOH. Paul is a 42 year member, serving many offices on the Divsion level. ¬†Paul is best known for his efforts in working for the Freedom for All Ireland, serving as National Director of Irish Northern Aid in the 1980’s and 1990’s. ¬†

Congratulations Paul !!!


Tim McSweeney (National Organizer), Paul Murray (National Life Member), Liam McNabb (National Director), John McCarthy (Albany County President), & Tim Carey (Albany Division #5 President)