Freedom For All Ireland Report – Important Notice for January 28, 2019

by Martin Galvin

As State President put out in an email blast last week,New York State is now considering a Resolution to make January 21st IRISH DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE DAY in New York. It looks good but there is still time to call your local State Senator and Assemblyman and ask them to join the Resolution going out from Assemblyman Cusick’s office.We want to show there is overwhelming support to give the Irish the recognition other groups get. 

If it passes the AOH and LAOH will be going to Albany on Monday January 28th for formal ceremonies on the Assembly and Senate floor where the AOH will be honored before proceeding to the Albany AOH Hall for a celebration.
I have linked both an explanatory release and the Resolution. Many Irish Americans do not even know there was an Irish Declaration of Independence and events like this one.
Last year many AOH and LAOH members attended the ceremonies where the AOH, LAOH and State Presidents were acknowledged and applauded on the Assembly and Senate floors.Because of our number of people who attended it was much easier to get this done this year.
You can also try to get resolutions passed in cities and municipalities in New York or states outside of New York-they do not have to be tied to January 21st.
Martin Galvin