NYS AOH Christmas Appeal

A chairde

The below report in the IRISH ECHO details the New York State AOH FFAI event this Wednesday January 15th will feature key information about the upcoming Presidential Forum from John Dearie and the latest update from Malachy McAllister on his fight against deportation.

This is the New York State Board FFAI  function for the Christmas Appeal and also a chance for Divisions or Counties who cannot do a $1000 donation individually to be part of New York’s contribution to the Christmas Appeal which will be earmarked for Relatives for Justice.

Checks can be given to New York State AOH

Martin Galvin
National AOH FFAI Chair

A full size copy of the flyer, can be downloaded by clicking here

NYS FFAI Christmas Appeal

Freedom For All Ireland
NYS Christmas Appeal

Martin Galvin
National AOH FFAI Chair

A full size copy of the flyer, can be downloaded by clicking here

John Dearie is heading the Presidential Forum where our National President will be a panelist.One of the crucial parts of having a successful candidates forum is guaranteeing the candidates of a big and influential audience that is worthy of their time during a campaign.This is a platform for him to get that message out. I know first hand from being one of the panelists in the historic 1992 Presidential Forum how much work goes into filling the seats.
Was hoping Malachy would be giving a final victory  and thanks speech but we are not there yet and this is his chance to give us an update or if necessary a call to action.
Counting on everyone’s help to get the word out with email blasts and downstate  brothers working the event  to make this a success and prestige event for New York State AOH.
Athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh!

Freedom For All Ireland Report – November 2018

by Martin Galvin

A chairde:

During our May State Board meeting, I reported on New York’s FFAI accomplishments, under State President Vic Vogel, which many Brothers here made happen. Our national leaders heard what New York was doing and I think it is a credit to our state leaders and to many of you who work on FFAI, that I was appointed National FFAI and directed by our National President and leaders to take the same approach combining politics, publicity and fundraising which worked here and try to make it work across the country.    

Last January New York State hosted Mark Thompson of Relatives for Justice, in a weeklong emergency American tour, which generated a new Congressional initiative, five public events and formal proclamations of support by the New York State Senate, Assembly and local governments. When I met with him in June a dozen victims’ families arrived and asked me to bring back a message thanking you for that success and telling you never to forget how much AOH backing means.


The Ballymurphy Massacre Inquest, scheduled to begin on November 12th is key. Eleven people, including a Catholic priest and mother of eight children were murdered. If the British do not allow justice in a case like that, how can we expect justice in any killings where British crown forces or their agents are involved?

Two of our National leaders, Danny O’Connell and Jere Cole met with the families in Ballymurphy and had a great impact. We have gone from a 5 city tour to a 5 state tour beginning next week, hosting Carmel Quinn, whose brother John Laverty was one of the Massacre victims. This tour will include an Irish Embassy Reception; which is a major political breakthrough; as well as Congressional meetings, and events in Philadelphia, New Jersey hosted by Sean Pender, and Cleveland organized by Danny O’Connell.

In New York she was hosted by our State President and Suffolk County President on Tuesday November 13th, at the Suffolk County AOH Division 2 Hall, 27 Locust Avenue Babylon, at O’Lunneys, 145 West 45th street November 19th, in Albany on Friday November 16th at the AOH Hall, 375 Ontario Avenue, and at the Bronx County Dinner where she was honored alongside Congressman Joseph Crowley and IRISH ECHO Editor Ray O’Hanlon at Rory Dolan’s, on Sunday November 18th by Bronx County AOH.

We are also hoping to get a copy of the film BALLYMURPHY PRECEDENT, for showings especially in areas where we were not able to reach.


Last April sixteen Members of Congress joined in a bipartisan letter sponsored by the AOH to the British Ambassador about the hundreds of families still waiting for legacy truth.  We got 16 signatures, because AOH members called or visited local Congressional offices until they signed.

We will be circulating individual letters and asking Congressmen to write to the British Ambassador expressing concern about the Inquest being affected by British statements in Westminster about British troops being “scapegoated”, “witch hunts”,and “subjected to ridiculous investigations.”


During our National Convention, a resolution was passed that we commemorate the centenary of Ireland’s Declaration of Independence. On January 21, 1919, representatives elected in the 32 county elections of 1918, assembled as a National Parliament, and voted Ireland’s Declaration of Independence. Like the signers of America’s Declaration of Independence, Irish patriots risked imprisonment or death at the hands of the colonial British government. We want to promote this proud event with state, city and local proclamations of Ireland’s Independence Day. That day will be celebrated as Martin Luther King Day in Albany but we are trying to have a formal commemoration like our last April’s event commemorating the 1918 Freedom Mandate. We have had meetings on this and will be taking it up after Election Day.


You should have received the national mailing about the FFAI CHRISTMAS APPEAL.I want to especially thank our Past President Brendan Moore for all of his assistance and guidance with the Appeal. Our donations to carefully chosen charities through monies raised by the FFAI Annual Christmas Appeal, alongside our political and educational campaigns, are a cornerstone of our FFAI initiative. We have built up relationships with groups like Relatives for Justice by our donations.

This year our National Officers have begun new FFAI education and information programs about British injustices in the six counties. Some of you have made proposals, which I believe were intended as constructive suggestions. We now have a national committee with Brendan Moore, Malachy McAllister, Gerry McHale, Jim McLaughlin, Sean O’Dowd, Roger Weist and myself. I met with many of you in Rockland to get your input. I am willing to hold more meetings. I am especially interested in your ideas for giving greater credit to contributing Members, Divisions, County and State Boards.

Last year a motion was passed requesting National leaders to establish dialogue with New York State about New York State contributions to FFAI Christmas Appeal. I hope since my appointment I have done enough to begin that dialogue.


Former NY State FFAI Chair Tim Myles had organized a drive to encourage “England out of Ireland” banners as a reminder of FFAI in St. Patrick’s Day and other parades. The banner always gets a great response alongside organization banners. I always wear an Easter Lilly pin.

I encourage everyone to wear pins or carrying banners which remind everyone that the AOH remembers those still denied freedom in Ireland.


In response to requests for information and analysis, I began a monthly FFAI Bulletin. All issues are available on the state web site by clicking Reports and FFAI (thanks to Brother Cummings). We are now carried on the National AOH site (thanks to Brothers Nisler and Cosgrove). The aim is to give you monthly updates on a few key events in the north with short analysis and explanations.

A few of the key events already covered include:Tory-DUP Deal, breakdown of the Stormont talks, Brexit, Pardons proposal for British troopers, Catholic Families forced to flee their homes, Orange sectarian parades, the Ballymurphy Massacre Inquests, fight to carry Irish flags in St. Patrick’s Day Parades etc.

I thank members who email me with constructive criticisms, and suggestions. These bulletins are only worth doing if our members find them worth reading! Please contact me at MGALVINESQ@AOL.COM

Freedom For All Ireland Report – October 2018

by Martin Galvin

A chairde:

               FFAI ISSUES UPDATE

A – Bradley admits sent to rule with no clue about north – Karen Bradley, picked by Prime Minister Theresa May to administer British rule in the six counties, said she had no understanding of the north when picked for the post. Bradley made her frank  admissions to House magazine, a weekly parliamentary magazine giving Westminster MPs puff piece interviews. Bradley confessed she had did not understand basic facts of the north’s politics, elections and deep-rooted issues saying it was all “a very different world from the world I come from.” She said:

“I didn’t understand things like when elections are fought in Northern Ireland people who are nationalists don’t vote for unionist parties and vice-versa… Unionist parties fight the elections in unionist communities and nationalists in nationalist communities… I was slightly scared of Northern Ireland because of my impression and images from 20 years ago…

I freely admit that when I started this job, I didn’t understand some of the deep-seated and deep-rooted issues.”

Bradley age 48, never visited the six counties until going to preside as British Secretary. Elected to Westminster in 2010, she learned little from debates, discussions of new laws, or party briefings and conferences in eight years. Like most British secretaries, she apparently views the north as a place to audition for some other post she would rather have in some other place she would rather be.

Bradley will judge the Legacy Consultation. Having admitted  she had no understanding how elections are fought in the north,  she seems to have no understanding of how British troops fought there by shooting down civilians in places like Ballymurphy.

B – No deal Brexit and hard border disaster threatened –Due to exit the European Union on March 29,2019, Britain has offered no acceptable deal with the EU to avoid a disastrous hard border across Ireland. The biggest obstacle is Theresa May’s dependence on 10 DUP votes at Westminster. The Irish, British and EU want to avoid a hard border across the island. Without a deal, the six counties becomes an external EU border, requiring customs, immigration and tariff controls. There are 300 border crossings.  The EU and Ireland have offered to permit the north to remain in the EU customs union. Customs, immigration controls etc could then begin in the Irish sea, meaning at entry points into England, Scotland or Wales. This would be beneficial for the north. However the DUP fears preferential regulations for the north as a slippery slope towards a united Ireland. They say they will topple Theresa May and veto any deal in which they are not exactly the same as England, Scotland and Wales. The EU will not offer permanent customs union preferences to Britain. Theresa May is now caught with Tory hardliners, led by Boris Johnson, calling for a hard Brexit and the DUP’s “blood red lines” against preferential arrangements for the north. French President Emmanuel Macron summed up the EU’s reaction to May’s latest proposals saying “Brexit is the choice of the British people, pushed by those who predicted easy solutions… Those people are liars.”    

– AOH Leaders meet Ballymurphy Massacre Campaign Families

Saying they came “to pledge American support for Ballymurphy in its battle for truth and justice,” National AOH Vice-President Danny O’Connell, and National Secretary Jere Cole met Ballymurphy Massacre families on Sunday September 23rd. The AOH leaders were escorted by family members to the murder scenes and given a moving account of each killing. The fact-finding visit was also attended by Relatives for Justice. Danny O’Connell said:

“Both Jerry Cole and I have visited Ballymurphy before and were familiar with the events, but hearing the deep pain in the voices of family members as they spoke of the murders of their loved ones, while standing in the spots where these murders were committed, was deeply moving. Eleven innocent people including a priest and mother of 8 were murdered. Their families are entitled to truth about the killings of their loved ones”.

D – “Hooded Men” court fight on torture-The “Hooded Men” vowed to win their legal fight to brand Britain guilty of torture in British Courts, even as the European Court of Human Rights declined to review its 1978 judgment holding Britain guilty of inhuman and degrading treatment. The torture case goes back to August 9,1971,and the start of Internment. Men picked up without charge were used as human guinea pigs and subjected to sensory deprivation torture techniques. They were hooded, made to stand in strained positions for hours, deprived of sleep, water and food, alternated with beatings and threats. Some were made to run gauntlets etc. Ireland took a case on their behalf. The European Commission ruled that the British were guilty of torture. The European Court modified the finding to guilty of inhuman and degrading treatment. English tabloids ran headlines “Britain Not Guilty!” omitting that they had been convicted of inhuman treatment.RTE Irish television in June 2014, did a program ‘The Torture Files’ which uncovered proof Britain lied to the European Court and withheld files that Britain approved the torture techniques at the highest level of government. Ireland attempted to have the torture ruling reinstated based on this evidence but the European judges said it was too late. The men are already pursuing a separate legal case in the Belfast High Court and have won legal rulings that Britain subjected them to torture. That case is expected to end with Britain in the dock of its own Supreme Court in London.    


Carmel Quinn, whose brother John Laverty was a Ballymurphy Massacre victim, is coming to America to the AOH. She will speak on Sunday November 11th at a Philadelphia FFAI event organized by Gerry McHale, and Pearse Kerr; Monday in New Jersey organized by Sean Pender and Malachy McAllister; Babylon AOH Hall on Tuesday; going to Washington DC on the 14th-15th with event by Jim McLaughlin returning Thursday night 15th for event at O’Lunneys in Manhattan; Friday in Albany organized by John Levendosky and Dolores Desch. National VP Danny O’Connell will bring Carmel Quinn to Cleveland Ohio on Saturday before she is honored Sunday in the Bronx together with Congressman Joe Crowley and ECHO Editor Ray O’Hanlon. More events may be announced.


Last April sixteen Members of Congress joined a  breakthrough bipartisan letter sponsored by the AOH to the British Ambassador about legacy truth.

Both the British Ambassador and colonial British Secretary Karen Bradley had to reply. FFAI is calling upon AOH members across the country to contact your local Senators and Congressmen, and ask will they make time to hear Carmel Quinn in Washington D.C. on November 14th or 15th. 


The Christmas Appeal mailing will arrive shortly. The need is obvious. Today Britain still denies truth and justice to the families of victims murdered by the crown or loyalist agents in places like Ballymurphy. Brexit threatens catastrophe .They even refuse an Irish Language Act. Instead of opening the door to national freedom, Britain and the DUP want to nail that door shut. America can make a difference, but only if the AOH and LAOH, as the  voice of the Irish in America, lead the way. Our donations to carefully chosen charities through monies raised by the FFAI Annual Christmas Appeal, alongside our political and educational campaigns, are a cornerstone of our FFAI initiative.

This year our National Officers have begun new FFAI education and information programs about British injustices in the six counties. They are implementing many of your ideas to enhance the Appeal. Our National Officers are asking for a commitment from everyone to participate and support FFAI with a donation or fundraising event. Please donate and help the AOH and LAOH make the difference.  Help make Freedom for all Ireland, not an aspiration or endeavor but the reality for those Irish people still denied it!


The monthly FFAI Bulletin is now available on the New York State and National AOH web site by clicking Reports and FFAI. We want to give you monthly updates on key events in the north with short analysis and explanation.


Ruan O’Donnell, of Limerick University gave the Hibernian Lecture at Notre Dame: “America and the Irish Revolution 1916-22”.Professor O’Donnell says that our work for FFAI is part of a long history  and without America no part of Ireland would be free! You can see this great Hibernian Lecture by going to the National AOH web site and clicking on it.

Please contact me at MGALVINESQ@AOL.COM.                              

Martin Galvin