Charter Presented to Thomas Addis Emmet Division 17 of Westchester County

Dan Dennehy, AOH National Director and Westchester County AOH Organizer was on hand to present the “newly minted” official charter from the National Board Ancient Order of Hibernians to the officers and members of the Thomas Addis Emmet Division 17 of Westchester County

Assisting in the presentation on May 7, 2018 was NYS Director Aidan O’Kelly-Lynch and in whose presence, dozens of new division members were sworn into the Order.  In presenting the charter to President James McGlashin (above center), Brother Dennehy commented on how pleased he was to be in the company of such “fine, young Hibernians!”

Brother Dennehy extended congratulations to President James McGlashin and his officers and in particular to Division 17 Treasurer Clive Anderson, owner and president of Pelham Funeral Home who opens his company’s doors to give the divison a meeting space. Congratulations were also offered to Westchester County President Brian Hugh Duffy, National Organizer Tim McSweeney, NYS Organizer Kevin Cummings, NYS Treasurer John Manning and to all those who played a role in brining the new division to fruition.

Photos courtesy of Dan Dennehy

State Honors the Order and Ireland’s 1918 Freedom Mandate

Hibernians from Suffolk to Buffalo, led by State Presidents Victor Vogel and Jacqueline Clute, were applauded in the New York State Senate and Assembly chambers and won State Legislative Resolutions honoring “Ireland’s 1918 Freedom Mandate”. The AOH and LAOH picked April 24th,the calendar day of the 1916 Rising, to honor the historic election where Ireland stunned Britain by voting  for the Easter Rising and a free Irish parliament or Dail Eireann. The ceremonies in both state houses preceded a celebration at the Albany AOH Hall, where Senator Boyle presented a framed copy of the State Senate Resolution to the State Presidents. Click to view the event photo album.

Gathering of State, County, Division officers on the steps of the New York State Capitol in Albany


Senator Boyle opened the state Senate session with the “Irish Freedom Mandate 1918” topping the agenda. The bill, already passed in both the Senate and Assembly, recounted the history of the 1918 Freedom Mandate, then went on to commend the AOH-LAOH for making sure this key chapter in Irish history was properly remembered in New York State.

Despite a last minute schedule change and early morning session, a strong AOH-LAOH delegation attended, led by both State Presidents, National Secretary Karen Keane, State Secretary John Manning, Hibernian Digest Editor John O’Connell, State Treasurer Regina Begley, Past Presidents Jim Burke, Tim McSweeney, Chip McLean,and FFAI Chairs Dolores Desch and Martin Galvin among other state and county officers.

Senator Boyle spoke of the import of the resolution and his pride in being a member of the AOH. Senator Martin Golden, then stood to speak about his own pride in Irish heritage, his wish for the reunification of Ireland and the major part in Irish history played by the “exiled children in America.” Senator Klein then talked about the Irish desire for freedom and hardships the Irish overcame, in common with the experiences of so many American immigrants to America. (Read a copy of the Resolution).

The Senators stood and applauded the AOH and LAOH for raising this important issue. The Senate then suspended and permitted the AOH-LAOH to come forward for photographs.

(l-r) LAOH FFAI Chair Delores Desch, Senator Philip A. Boyle, NYAOH President Vic Vogel, LAOH President Jacqueline Clute, Martin Galvin, NYAOH FFAI Chair, and Senator Martin J. Golden


Nearly 100 AOH-LAOH members packed the gallery for the Assembly session that afternoon. State VP Tom Lambert, National Directors Dan Dennehy and Liam McNabb, LAOH State officers Joann Gunderson and Cathie Doherty among many others joined as Speaker Carl Heastie welcomed the delegation. Bronx County President Bob Nolan was designated by his cousin Assemblywoman Nolan to sit alongside her as a special representative for the AOH-LAOH.

Assembly Sponsor Cusick spoke about how the legislature honored the 100th anniversary of 1916, and should not forget that in 1918, Ireland voted popular support for the freedom proclaimed in 1916 and to have a free Irish parliament. Assemblywoman Nolan followed also spoke about the resolution.

State county and division officers are joined on the floor by NYS Senators and Members of the Assembly


Hibernians then went to the Albany AOH Hall for a celebration co-hosted by AOH Division 5 led by Ciaran Geraghty and John Levendosky and LAOH Division 1 led by Dolores Desch and Cathy Davis.

The formal presentation of the State Resolution by Senator Phil Boyle to State Presidents Jacqueline Clute and Victor Vogel

The highlight of this event was the formal presentation of a framed copy of the State Resolution by Senator Boyle to State Presidents Victor Vogel and Jacqueline Clute. State President Vogel noted that Senator Boyle was a member of the AOH and thanked him and all the Senators and Assembly members who voted for these important Irish resolutions and all the AOH-LAOH members who lobbied for their support.

An Aide to State Comptroller DiNapoli spoke about the Comptroller’s backing on the MacBride Principles and recently the McGuinness Principles.

National Director Liam McNabb praised the united effort from around the state which had gotten the votes to pass these Resolutions.

New York State AOH Freedom For All Ireland Chair Martin Galvin noted:

“The 1916 Rising and Proclamation were the beginning of freedom for 26 of Ireland’s 32 counties. This year we mark the centenary of the 1918 all-Ireland election where by electing 73 Sinn Fein candidates out of 105 pledged to a free Irish Parliament rather than a British parliament, the Irish shocked Britain and voted popular support for the Rising and freedom. Sadly we must remember that Britain’s response was to jail many of those elected, outlaw the Irish parliament and today  six counties are still denied freedom for all Ireland.

LAOH FFAI Chair Dolores Desch then concluded by speaking about the 1918 Irish election, where women were allowed to vote and Sinn Fein campaigned on a platform of national freedom as proclaimed in 1916. She called for support for initiatives such as the McGuinness Principles to finally see that freedom for all of Ireland.

Photos and photo album courtesy of John O’Connell of

State and National Immigration Chair Recognizes Contributions

On Sunday, February 11, 2018, Dan Dennehy, Hibernian National Immigration Chair visited the home of the General Philip Sheridan AOH Division in Stamford, CT to join in a celebration of two Hibernians, who have made significant contributions to their community, and recently became naturalized US citizens.

Dennehy said, “This gathering shows we as Hibernians value recent additions to our community, and welcome every naturalized US Citizen.  As we work to end 52 years of inequity toward the Irish in US immigration law, we encourage similar events and recognition for all Hibernians and all Irish organizations nationwide.”

Fall AOH/LAOH Meetings Concluded

The Fall State Board  Semi-annual Meeting took place on Saturday, November 4, 2017 at the Hibernian House in Pearl River  — home of Rockland County Division 3.  The meeting was well attended with a standing room only crowd.

(View a photo album of the day’s event courtesy of John O’Connell)

Reports from the Executive Board Members and District Directors were delivered along with reports on Right to Life, Buy Irish, Website and Social Media, Publicity, Empire Hibernian Newsletter, Special Projects, Freedom for All Ireland, Charity and Missions, Veteran’s Affairs,  NYS Scholarship, Sports, Catholic Action, Historian and the Organizer’s report. NY National Directors Liam McNabb and Dan Dennehy also spoke about Political Education and Immigration.

AOH members in attendance from across the state heard state officer and committee chair reports on activities since the last board meeting. Reports on upcoming events included a fundraiser on November 12th for the Restoration of the Emmet Graves Project being carried out by the newly formed Westchester County Division 17. Additional upcoming events include the Peekskill Division 18’s Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Dance on Saturday, November 18, 2017 and the Bronx County AOH Annual Dinner Dance to be held on Sunday, November 19, 2017 at Rory Dolan’s where NYAOH President Vic Vogel will be among the honorees.

National officers like Tim McSweeney, Brendan Moore and John O’Connell and gave a short update on the recruiting initiatives of the new Marketing, Promotion and Advertising Committee.  Programs like the ‘Why I’m a Hibernian’ effort were explained. The many project help recruit new members and retain existing members. All NYS members are asked to participate by submitting a short paragraph or two explaining why they chose to become a Hibernian and to expand on the benefits of being a Hibernian. They intend to use the best responses in various social media campaigns, on the national and state websites, and in other media. They are also encouraging Hibernians to make brief, informal videos that will enable brothers to tell potential membership candidates “in person” why they are Hibernians and why other Irish-American Catholics should join, and how.

New Division Forms in Westchester

The formation of the Thomas Addis Emmet Division 17 of Pelham & New Rochelle, Westchester County took place on Monday, October 16, 2017.  The new division is comprised of 25 Iona College students ranging in age from 18 to 24. The division was organized by its charter president, James McGlashin who canvassed the campus and surrounding community for prospective members.

Charter Officers of the Thomas Addis Emmet Division 17, Westchester, NY
Above (l-r) Chaplain Brother Joseph Morgan, Chair, Standing Committee Jack Stapleton, Financial Secretary Eoghan Gallagher, Vice President Micheal Collum, President James McGlashin, Recording Secretary James Shanley, Marshal Drew Donohue, Treasurer Clive Anderson, Sentinel Shane Hogan

In addition to the college members there were additional members recruited from the surrounding communities of Pelham and New Rochelle.  The newly chartered division, the first to form in Westchester County in more than fifty years, is hoping to attract new members from the eastern reaches of Westchester County, not only from the Iona College campus but from the surrounding communities. 

One of those charter members is Clive Anderson (second from right above) who was recently honored by the Aisling Irish Community Center for his community service. Clive is the owner of the Pelham Funeral Home — the site of the formation ceremony and officer installation. Clive will bring his business expertise to Division 17 as the Charter Treasurer.

The division formation and the new officer installation took place under new business during a Westchester County meeting led by President Brian Duffy (above center), himself the newly installed president of the county.

Shown above, the chosen members taking the oath of office in the formation of The Cross and in the presence of their Brother Hibernians.

Above, President James McGlashin (in green) being handed the gavel of authority by County President Brian Duffy.

In attendance at the historic occassion were officers and members from across Westchester County including division, county and state officers — each taking a role in the Order’s ritual of formation and installation.

Dan Dennehy, National Director for the NY Metro Area and Westchester County Organizer took the time to address each newly installed officer explaining the duties and importance of each office. Brother Dennehy is shown above with newly installed Westchester Division 17 President James McGlashin.

Also in attendance was Historian Liam Murphy (above) who drove in from Massachusetts to deliver a history lesson to the new members.

National, state, county and division officers assemble for a formal photo commemorating the formation of the new division.

Some of the many new members and guests are shown above.

Bronx County Officers Installed by National Director


Left to right: Sean McCarthy- Marshal, Tim O’Donohue-Sentinel, Chris Butler-Financial Secretary, John Hyland-Recording Secretary, guest, Tom Beirne-District Director, Bob Nolan, Dan Dennehy, Martin Galvin-Vice-President, Jim O’Farrell-Treasurer and John Ward, Chair. of the Standing Committee.


On June 21,  AOH National Director Dan Dennehy installed the officers of The Bronx County Board.  He proudly presented the leadership gavel to Bob Nolan who was elected to a 3rd term as Bronx County President of the Ancient Order of Hibernians.

The Installation Ceremony was held at the Charles Bajart American Legion Post on McLean Avenue in Yonkers.


Bronx Division #5 Hosts Annual Awards Ceremony in Woodlawn

AOH Division #5 Bronx/Woodlawn held its annual “Spirit of 1916” Awards Benefit on Sunday, October 16th at The Rambling House Bar & Restaurant in Woodlawn, Bronx, NY. Honorees included Monsignor Edward Barry, Dan Dennehy (National Director, AOH), and the Irish Deportees marking the 20th anniversary of their case. A special award was presented to The Tallon Family in memory of FDNY Firefighter Sean Tallon who lost his life on 9/11. Additionally, grants were presented to the Emerald Isle Immigration Center, the Aisling Irish Community Center, and the Deirdre O’ Mara School of Irish Dance.

Photos by Nuala Purcell

A special award was presented to the Irish Political Deportees marking the 20th anniversary of their case, which included Charlie Caulfield, Noel Gaynor, Joyce Crossan (wife of the late Kevin Crossan), Brian Pearson, Robbie McErlean, Matt Morrisson, and Gabe Megahey.

A special award was presented to the Irish Political Deportees marking the 20th anniversary of their case, which included Charlie Caulfield, Noel Gaynor, Joyce Crossan (wife of the late Kevin Crossan), Brian Pearson, Robbie McErlean, Matt Morrisson, and Gabe Megahey.

Spirit of 1916 Honoree Dan Dennehy (national director, AOH) was presented with his award by New York State AOH President Tim McSweeney

Spirit of 1916 Honoree Dan Dennehy (National Director, AOH) was presented with his award by New York State AOH President Tim McSweeney


Joe McManus (president, AOH Division 3-Bronx), AOH NYS President Tim McSweeney, Martin Galvin (president, AOH Division 5), and NYS Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz who presented a legislative resolution proclaimed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declaring April 24, 2016 as 'Irish Republic Day' to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising.

Joe McManus (President, AOH Division 3-Bronx), AOH NYS President Tim McSweeney, Martin Galvin (President, AOH Division 5), and NYS Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz who presented a legislative resolution proclaimed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declaring April 24, 2016 as ‘Irish Republic Day’ to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising.










Americans Mobilize to Monitor UK-BREXIT Impact on Ireland


L to R Dan Dennehy, Member National Board AOH; Steve McCabe Esq. Brehon Law Society; Ned McGinley, former National President of the AOH; Brendan Moore, former National President of the AOH; Sean Hood, Nassau County AOH; Mike Cummings; Peter Kissel Esq. from D. C. , National Board, IAUC; Leslie Cassidy, Brehon Law Society; Neil Ferguson, National Board, AOH; Sean Downes, President of the NYC Brehon Law Society; Hugh O’Lunney, 1916 Societies; Tom Corcoran Esq. Brehon Law Philadelphia; John Dearie Esq. former Member of the NYS Assembly

Attorney John Dearie hosted a meeting of Irish-American activists to discuss British BREXIT plans which might harm Ireland’s economy and the full implementation of the Belfast Agreement.

Said Dearie: “It is premature to speculate on just what course the British will be taking over the next two years. It is also unclear why Britain, with the world’s 6th largest economy, requires any special consideration from the U. S. responding to the democratic mandate of the British people. But there are those in Washington who need to be reminded that Ireland also has a special relationship with the U. S.”

Former National AOH President Brendan Moore explained: “ The goal is to insure that Ireland …as a whole…is not harmed by BREXIT and for Irish Americans to be prepared, if necessary, to disagree with the Irish and British governments on the form of any US initiative to assist.” Stated Peter Kissel Esq. from D. C. representing the IAUC : “It is imperative that dialogue begin now with the Dept. of State and Congress on potential BREXIT impact on the whole of Ireland and in particular the Belfast Agreement obligations.” The President of the NYC Brehon Law Society, Sean Downes, emphasized the importance of listening to the voices of those most likely to be negatively impacted by BREXIT and to give due recognition to the democratic vote in NI to remain in the EU.

Dearie concluded: “If it is deemed in America’s interest to assist the UK with new trade deals , American’s need to be prepared to present our concerns to the White House and to key Members of Congress involved in foreign policy. This meeting was a first step.” Billy Tranghese was included by conference call representing Representative Richard Neal .

Those who share this concern and who wish to be a part of this dialogue are asked to contact the Law Offices of John Dearie at 1-800-2-Dearie or send an e-mail to Similar meetings in Boston, Philadelphia and Washington D. C. are planned as the new Administration and Congress begin their work in the New Year.

AOH Recruiting Efforts at McLean Ave. Festival in Yonkers


Huge crowds at The Annual McLean Avenue Festival in Yonkers

The 6th Annual McLean Avenue Fall festival took place this past weekend in Yonkers. The festival attracted thousands of people who enjoyed a day along “The Emerald Mile” located in one of the densely Irish populated neighborhoods in the country.

The event presented a great opportunity for the AOH to reach out the local community and attract new members.

AOH Division #5 Woodlawn/Bronx had an information table and reported an enthusiastic response to their recruitment drive.

Bronx Division #5 President Martin Galvin (center), with Bronx County President Bob Nolan, National Director Dan Dennehy, Division #18 Peekskill President Clive Cronin

AOH Division #1 of Yonkers enjoyed similar results and also rose over $2,000 for charity via its Notre Dame vs. Syracuse Football Ticket Raffle.


Geoff Keating, Division #1 Yonkers Pres. Kevin Ellis, Division #18 Peekskill Pres. Clive Cronin, Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin, and National Director Dan Dennehy