Albany Freedom for All Ireland (FFAI) Night

AOH Fr. Henry Tansey Division 5 will be holding their Freedom for All Ireland (FFAI) Night on Saturday, January 13, 2018.  The goal of this annual event is to spread awareness of the social injustices and abuses that take place every day in the north of Ireland. 

This year honoree will be Past New York State FFAI Chairman, Ciaran Geraghty who will receive the Fr. John Murphy Award. This prestigious award is an annual recognition presented to the individual(s) who have, and continue to advocate for public awareness related to social injustices in the north of Ireland. Brother Geraghty, through his work as New York State FFAI Chairman and his continued advocacy, exemplifies a dedication to the cause and to the AOH Motto of “Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity.” His work to end the plight of Irish-Catholics in the north of Ireland is well-known. 

The special guest speaker for the event is Mark Thompson from Relatives for Justice (RFJ), a support group formed in the mid-1990s in Dungannon, County Tyrone.  RFJ was founded in April 1991 by bereaved families affected by the conflict in the north who came together to support each other. RFJ identifies and attempts to address the needs of those who have suffered loss and injury through one on one contact, self-help, group support, outreach, counselling, therapy, welfare and legal advocacy.

Mark Thompson is a founding member and CEO of RFJ who fulfills the group’s mission in providing a proactive and holistic approach to support families affected by conflict and human rights violations. His continuing work provides effective support for redressing human rights abuses and providing a wide range of services and support for those affected in Ireland. 

Please support this FFAI event. See the event flyer and journal ad form for more information or contact:

John Levendosky
FFAI Chairman
Albany AOH Fr. Henry Tansey Division 5

Freedom For All Ireland Report – July 2017

by Martin Galvin

A chairde:

During our State Convention, FFAI led by Chairman Ciaran Geraghty highlighted the following issues:


British Prime Minister Theresa May called a special election, to increase her power. She lost seats and fell short of a majority. May then made a deal for votes with the Democratic Unionist Party(DUP), founded by Ian Paisley now headed by Arlene Foster, to stay in power.

Campaigners in Ireland have contacted the AOH about issues like:

A-Bloody Sunday pardons-For 45 years, the victims’ families have fought for justice. AOH members marched to support them. Criminal charges against British troopers are under consideration. The DUP wants pardons disguised as a statute of limitations , meaning no murder charges against British crown forces, for Bloody Sunday or other crimes.

B-Ballymurphy Massacre Inquests-Between August 9th-11th-1971,British troopers shot down 10 people, including a Catholic priest in the Republican heartland of Ballymurphy in Belfast. The British whitewashed the killings. The Ballymurphy families, among other victims’ families are legally entitled to inquests where the truth could be told. The British block funds for these inquests saying they need DUP permission to give these families their day in a British court.

C-Sectarian Parades-the British Parades Commission has placed some limits on Orange sectarian parades invading nationalist areas like the Garvaghy Road. The Orange Order has called on the DUP to clear the way.

D-Brexit-Britain’s decision to leave the European Community will draw a border across Ireland threatening travel hardships and economic disaster as well as undercut European Law and GFA obligations. The DUP supports Brexit with customs, trade and immigration controls across Ireland.


In 1918 Ireland voted an overwhelming democratic mandate for the 1916 Rising, and creation of an Irish parliament, or Dail Eireann to govern a free 32 county Irish nation.

 A resolution, copy attached, was unanimously passed, that we honor and promote awareness of the legacy of this centennial.

The AOH organized successful educational and publicity tours around 1916 Republic Day, and the Fenian Manchester Martyrs. We   hope to promote the 1918 vote for all Ireland freedom, with lecture tours, state resolutions, and by highlighting this vote for freedom at all our AOH Easter Commemorations etc.


One of the primary means of enforcing the MacBride Principles has been shareholder resolutions. A bill now pending in Washington would end this by requiring billions of dollars in stocks to raise justice issues. Both the state and city Comptrollers have asked for AOH help to block the misnamed ‘Financial Choice Act’ now pending in the United States Senate. Our 2 New York Senators and especially Schumer are key on stopping this bill which already passed the House.


Some members had great success in placing books on Irish history, and politics in local libraries. This is a great initiative which should be investigated and followed where possible.


There was a very positive meeting between state and national officers about the Christmas Appeal and FFAI selection.


FFAI should educate about the key issues caused by the denial of freedom for all Ireland, build political support around these issues and raise money for those affected. These elements are tied together!


Martin Galvin,

Freedom For All Ireland Christmas Appeal

The NYS AOH Freedom For All Ireland Christmas Appeal fundraiser will be held at Wolfe Tone’s Irish Pub and Kitchen on January 4, 2017 starting at 6 pm. The suggested donation for the night is $25. There will be raffles to aid in raising more funds. This year’s fund will be directed to Relatives for Justice and the Pat Finucane Center.


If you cannot make the event but would still like to make a donation, please send it to me direct at the address listed below. Also if you would like to donate an item for the raffle, please contact me direct so we can arrange pickup.

Ciaran Geraghty
244 South Main Ave
Albany, NY 12208

Orange County Annual Mass & Communion Breakfast


State, County and Division Officers attending the AOH Orange County Mass and Communion Breakfast.  Left to right: Keith Reynolds, Kevin Dooner, Bill Kirnan, John Manning, Tim McSweeney, Tom McDonald, George Anderson, Dermot O'Connor Moore, Ciaran Gereghty and Kevin Cummings

State, County and Division Officers attending the AOH Orange County Mass and Communion Breakfast

October 18, 2015 – Members of the Orange County AOH came together at the Chapel of the Sacred Heart in Monroe on the occasion or their Annual Memorial Mass and Communion Breakfast. The chapel, which was opened in 1896, is the site of a rare Hibernian stain glass window pictured below.

Hibernian stained glass window

Hibernian stained glass window

The celebrant of the Mass was longtime AOH member and Division 1 Chaplain, Rev. Michael F. Keane, who delivered a sermon on this Mission Sunday about the importance of service to the community. Father Keane urged the AOH to continue its good works of service and cited many examples of venerable men and women such as Margaret Haughery of New Orleans who was simply referred to as “Margaret, Mother of Orphans,” Albert Schweitzer, who left a comfortable life of music to become a physician missionary in Africa and indeed our own Patron, Saint Patrick who led a life of service among the Irish.

The Communion Breakfast which followed the Mass took place at nearby Joseph D. Duelk, Jr., Division 1 Hall was attended by State President Tim McSweeney, State Treasurer John Manning, District 8 Director Dermot O’Connor Moore and State Organizer Keith Reynolds and many county and division officers and members. Following the breakfast, guest speaker Ciaran Gereghty, NY State Freedom for All Ireland (FFAI) Chairman from Div. 5 in Albany, delivered a lively and informative talk on the 1916 Easter Rising Centennial, the importance of the McBride Principles, the Good Friday Agreement and the need to keep the pressure on all sides with the single goal of realizing a just and united Ireland that includes all 32 counties. View the event photo album here.