How will the UK exit from the European Union affect the island of Ireland

Niall Murphy, a partner at KRW Law LLP, a leading human rights practice, based in Belfast graduated from QUB in 1998.

KRW Law was instructed in the Supreme Court case, the Peoples Challenge, which put a stop to the British Government’s intentions for Brexit.

Catherine Kelly, Professor of American and International Politics. Doctoral Candidate at SUNY Albany.

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Americans Mobilize to Monitor UK-BREXIT Impact on Ireland


L to R Dan Dennehy, Member National Board AOH; Steve McCabe Esq. Brehon Law Society; Ned McGinley, former National President of the AOH; Brendan Moore, former National President of the AOH; Sean Hood, Nassau County AOH; Mike Cummings; Peter Kissel Esq. from D. C. , National Board, IAUC; Leslie Cassidy, Brehon Law Society; Neil Ferguson, National Board, AOH; Sean Downes, President of the NYC Brehon Law Society; Hugh O’Lunney, 1916 Societies; Tom Corcoran Esq. Brehon Law Philadelphia; John Dearie Esq. former Member of the NYS Assembly

Attorney John Dearie hosted a meeting of Irish-American activists to discuss British BREXIT plans which might harm Ireland’s economy and the full implementation of the Belfast Agreement.

Said Dearie: “It is premature to speculate on just what course the British will be taking over the next two years. It is also unclear why Britain, with the world’s 6th largest economy, requires any special consideration from the U. S. responding to the democratic mandate of the British people. But there are those in Washington who need to be reminded that Ireland also has a special relationship with the U. S.”

Former National AOH President Brendan Moore explained: “ The goal is to insure that Ireland …as a whole…is not harmed by BREXIT and for Irish Americans to be prepared, if necessary, to disagree with the Irish and British governments on the form of any US initiative to assist.” Stated Peter Kissel Esq. from D. C. representing the IAUC : “It is imperative that dialogue begin now with the Dept. of State and Congress on potential BREXIT impact on the whole of Ireland and in particular the Belfast Agreement obligations.” The President of the NYC Brehon Law Society, Sean Downes, emphasized the importance of listening to the voices of those most likely to be negatively impacted by BREXIT and to give due recognition to the democratic vote in NI to remain in the EU.

Dearie concluded: “If it is deemed in America’s interest to assist the UK with new trade deals , American’s need to be prepared to present our concerns to the White House and to key Members of Congress involved in foreign policy. This meeting was a first step.” Billy Tranghese was included by conference call representing Representative Richard Neal .

Those who share this concern and who wish to be a part of this dialogue are asked to contact the Law Offices of John Dearie at 1-800-2-Dearie or send an e-mail to Similar meetings in Boston, Philadelphia and Washington D. C. are planned as the new Administration and Congress begin their work in the New Year.

Hibernians Call for a Vote on a Reunified Ireland

New City, New York – 6/29/2016– The Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) In the wake of the historic vote by the citizens of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, the Ancient Order of Hibernians calls for a vote, as provided for in the Good Friday Agreement, to allow the citizens of Northern Ireland to decide if they wish to leave the United Kingdom and to reunify with the Irish Republic and the European Union. MI-Leave-Vote-Brexit Per National President Brendan Moore: “For those who seek a reunification of Ireland and the return of sovereignty to the Irish people, the recent ‘Brexit’ vote and the mandate for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union is not without its ironies. We note that a widely circulated photo of a pro-Leave banner stated: ‘Vote Leave … and honor those who died for our freedom from foreign rule.’ Certainly, Irish Republicans from Wolfe Tone to Bobby Sands would understand those sentiments. In that spirit, the Ancient Order of Hibernians believe that the people of Northern Ireland should have the same opportunity to vote to ‘Leave’ the United Kingdom as the people of England were given to leave United Europe.”

A more dangerous irony of the Brexit vote is a re-emergence of what has been the true curse of Irish History, not sectarianism, but the “double standard”; that in an alleged “United Kingdom” there is one rule for England and another for Ireland. The poster child for this duplicity is Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Theresa Villiers. Ms. Villiers has been an unabashed cheerleader for the Leave Campaign, her activities taking priority over her more mundane duties such as seeking justice for the victims of Loughlinlsland and other incidents of state colluded murder. While celebrating the Brexit vote, Ms. Villiers is simultaneously dismissing calls for a border poll on Irish reunification on the grounds that, per Ms. Villiers, “none of the polls indicate there is support for a United Ireland.” We point out that the most recent “poll” of the people of Northern Ireland, Ms. Villiers’ beloved Brexit vote, indicates otherwise. In the Brexit vote, over 55.8% of the people of Northern Ireland indicated that they wish to remain in the European Union, an opportunity that a united Ireland would afford them. For Ms. Villiers to publicly defend a “Leave” vote on a margin of 4% as a mandate to reshape the map of Europe while claiming that the 11% margin indicating the people of Northern Ireland wish to remain in Europe is insufficient to allow the people of Northern Ireland an opportunity to fulfill their will through a vote on Irish reunification would appear to indicate that Ms. Villiers is mathematically and logically challenged. We call on more prudent heads in Westminster, Stormont and Dublin to ensure that the principles of the Good Friday Agreement are honored and its dividends of peace not squandered by Ms. Villiers and her continued duplicitous policies in Northern Ireland. Let us not let Ms. Villiers, through political machinations and equivocations, lose the opportunity for peace in Ireland in the 21st century as Asquith did in the 20th. Let us not have another Irish generation lose faith in the process of peaceful legislative change to achieve their aspirations for their country because British politicians redefine agreed commitments on a whim to suit their political agenda and appease their handlers in Westminster.

Let us continue to work to take down the oxymoronic “peace walls” in Belfast and Derry, not create new Brexit-inspired walls on the borders of Armagh, Tyrone, Fermanagh and Derry. Let us not risk a return to the bullet and the bayonet only because, for self-serving political motives, Ms. Villiers fears the ballot. Let us accord the people of Northern Ireland the same right to choose their future association with the United Kingdom in the same way the citizens of the United Kingdom were allowed to speak on their association with a United Europe. Let us have a vote on Irish reunification now.