Donation of Books to Library in Honor of 1916 Uprising

(L to R) Thomas Lawrence, AOH VP Ann Moore, SCPL Librarian, James Scott, AOH President, Michael Glenn, AOH Editor, Sean Scanlon, AOH Chairman, FFAI Committee

(L to R) Thomas Lawrence, AOH VP, Ann Moore, SCPL Librarian, James Scott, AOH President, Michael Glenn, AOH Editor, Sean Scanlon, AOH Chairman, FFAI Committee

The Schenectady JFK Division, in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Uprising for Independence in Ireland, has donated a collection of Irish History Books to the Schenectady County Public Library.

The books are a collection of histories written and collected by Michael McCormack, National Historian of the Ancient Order of Hibernians. The titles include “Road to Rebellion “, “Echoes of Irish History, Volume 1 through Volume 3”, “Profiles in Patriotism, Volume 1 and Volume 2”, “The Five Points and Shanty Town “, “The Leanhaun Shee and Me “, “A Long Voyage Home “, “Brian Boru, An Irish Hero “, and several others.

Division President James Scott stated “with this donation we can provide to the students and citizens of Schenectady County a legacy of where approximately 15% of its residents descended from, bringing their history to life.” Many of Schenectady’s residents of Irish descent came to America to leave the oppressive conditions in Ireland, but they supported the Irish cause of Independence. One of the 1916 Uprising leaders, James Connolly lived in Troy, NY prior to his activities in the uprising and ultimate execution for that participation. The books detail the historical events of the Uprising as well as the participation of American Irish in support of independence from England.

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Hibernian Riders of Selden, NY – Brandon’s Run




The Hibernian Riders of Selden, New York (501c3, Long Island) will be hosting a benefit Motorcycle Run on Saturday June 28, 2014. The ride will be about 225 miles from Selden, NY to Schenectady, NY. All proceeds from this event will go toward the medical care for Brandon Mackin. Many of you may have heard his story, but for those who have not, Brandon is a boy who was critically injured in a motorcycle accident that took his uncle’s life. A year before this tragic accident, Brandon’s father lost his battle with cancer. Both were Hibernians from Division 1 in Schenectady.

Brandon is doing well, but needs our help. Brandon’s injuries and repeated surgeries are costly, and going forward he will continue to need expensive healthcare. The JFK Division 1, Schenectady, NY will be hosting a barbeque and party at the finish line. Please help make a difference in young Brandon’s life by contributing to insure his health and well being. United as Hibernians we can help write a brighter next chapter in Brandon’s story.

The reason for the letter is of course for financial donations. Please visit and see Brandon’s Run Page for more details and to make contributions using PayPal. Checks can be made out to the Hibernian Riders, with Brandon’s Run in the memo line, or to Brandon’s Run c/o Hibernian Riders.

Checks can be sent to The Division 8, Suffolk County:
Hibernian Riders PO Box 308
Selden, NY 11784

If anyone rides and would like to join us, they are more than welcome. All information can be found at, Brandon’s Run page, or by calling Mark Hassett at 910.297.3394 or any member.