Syracuse Right to Life March

On Saturday, January 21, the Syracuse N.Y. Ancient Order of Hibernians: Commodore John Barry Division #2, and the Syracuse Ladies AOH participated in the Annual Right to Life March in downtown Syracuse N.Y.  Over 300 people took part in a 30 minute procession which began at 12 noon and ended in Columbus Circle in downtown Syracuse.  A short ceremony was then held that included speakers from several Pro-Life organizations.   Also in attendance at the march were the following New York State Hibernian officers: President Tim McSweeney, Secretary Tom Lambert and District 3 Director Tim Kirwan. The National AOH was represented by Director Liam McNabb.   The Syracuse AOH expresses our thanks to our National and State officers for their support.

Photos provided by Dick Lowery, Pro-Life Chairman of the Syracuse, N.Y., AOH Commodore John Barry Division #2

Syracuse Division Marches for Life and Installs Division Officers


Members of the Commodore John Barry Division #2 take part in the Syracuse March for Life


On January 20th, members of the Commodore John Barry Division #2 of Syracuse participated in the Annual Syracuse Pro-Life March. They were joined by National Director Liam McNabb, New York State President Tim McSweeney, New York State Secretary Tom Lambert and New York State District #3 Director Tim Kirwan. After the march, a rally was held outside the office of the Catholic Diocese of Syracuse.


Division #2 Syracuse Officers were Installed for 2017


On January 21 Jim Eggoff was installed as President of the Commodore John Barry Division #2 of Syracuse. State President Tim McSweeney conducted the Ceremony and was assisted by National Director Liam McNabb, New York State Secretary Tom Lambert and New York State District #3 Director Tim Kirwan.

Syracuse Pro-Life March

Pro LifeThis year marks the 44th  anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision. The ruling struck down the laws of 50 states and legalized abortion throughout the United States. On January 21, 2017 the Syracuse Right to Life Association will be sponsoring the annual Pro-Life March in downtown Syracuse as a silent protest against the devaluing of innocent human life. 

The Syracuse Ancient Order of Hibernians has participated in this event in past years. We would like to invite all AOH brothers, friends and family to take part in the 2017 march. We would be honored if you joined us. The march begins at 12:00 noon, Saturday, January 21. We will meet at the Museum of Science & Technology (former Jefferson St. Armory) located in the Armory section of downtown Syracuse, 500 South Franklin St., Syracuse, NY. Typically our members gather at the site around 11:45 am. Marchers will walk to nearby Columbus Circle near the Immaculate Conception Cathedral.  The actual march takes about 15 minutes with a brief ceremony to follow. Feel free to bring your division’s banner to the march.

For more information feel free to contact Dick Lowery at

Yours in Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity,

Richard J. Lowery Jr.
Pro-Life Chairman
Ancient Order of Hibernians
Commodore John Barry Division #2
Syracuse, New York

Hibernians March for Life in Syracuse

Hibernians March for Life in Syracuse


The members of The Ancient Order of Hibernians, Commodore John Barry Division #2 took part in a Pro-Life Rally and March which was held in downtown Syracuse this past weekend.   The Syracuse members were joined by AOH New York State Treasurer John Manning, who had traveled all the way from Queens to be at the event.  The march and rally was organized by the Syracuse Right to Life Association.


Well over 100 people took part in a 30 minute procession which began at 12 noon and ended in Columbus Circle in Downtown Syracuse. Once there, the participants heard speeches from several speakers.

After the march there was a presentation by representatives from Fertility Care Choices, a local grassroots nonprofit that is dedicated to promoting the dignity of women by offering compassionate alternatives to those who are in need of assistance with their pregnancies. The group announced a bold move to purchase a house next door to the local Planned Parenthood facility that will enable them to accomplish this literally lifesaving mission. They are in the midst of raising funds for this project.

Donations may be mailed to Fertility Care Choices – Project Dignity, P.O. Box 332, Marietta, NY 13310. On line donations can be made at

The event in Syracuse is a lead up to the National March for Life which will take place in Washington D.C. on Friday, January 22nd, where over 800,000 people are expected to take part. The Washington march is the largest Pro-Life event in the world.

For information on The National March for Life, visit their website at: