Calendar Contest


More Than $10,000 In Prizes

The New York State Board’s largest charitable fundraiser of the year comes from the Calendar Contest, where 999 numbered calendars are sold and winners are based on the EVENING 3-Number of the New York State Lottery. The 2016 Calendars are available from your district directors and are a special collectors item commemorating the Centennial Anniversary of the 1916 Uprising.

Directors are asked to keep track of the distribution of these calendars. All unsold calendars should be returned by Dec. 15th. Unsold calendars not returned are the responsibility of the recipient and payment is due on the 15th of Dec.

If the winning number is part of this group a check will be mailed to the person, county, or division providing these numbers are paid for.


  1. All numbers are played straight as drawn by the 3-number New York Lottery (evening)
  2. All winners will be paid by check mailed within that week.
  3. Your name an calendar will be registered with the New York State Board, AOH
  4. Make Check payable to AOH N.Y. State Board
  5. Calendar donation $25.
  6.  Prize of $25. will be awarded each day, except Wednesday, when a prize of $75. will be awarded
  7. Special Prizes of $100. will be awarded on St. Brigid’s Day (Feb 1) and St. Patrick’s Day (Mar 17)
  8. If there are any changes to your registration information, please contact.

Peter Durkee
452 Monroe Street
Troy, NY 12180
(518) 274-8448

Calendars produced by the NYS Board Ancient Order of Hibernians
and dedicated to the memory of John Hennessy, Past Calendar Chairman and State President