Veteran’s Affairs – September 2017

Veterans Affairs
Jack Ryan, VSO

DoD Opens Exchange Shopping to Veterans

This policy change will extend limited online military exchange shopping to all honorably discharged veterans.

In order to apply you must register on line at There is a form in the home page. There is an exception.  You may not order uniforms, alcohol or tobacco products The program begins on Veterans Day, November 11, 2017.

Please keep all our Veterans and their families in your prayers, God Bless America.

President’s Report – September 2017

Vic Vogel

I hope you and your families have had a restful, peaceful summer. Congratulations to the New York State AOH/LAOH Biennial Convention Committee, Chairman Tom Lambert, Chairlady Kathleen McLuckie and Master of Ceremonies Liam McNabb for their hard work and excellence in ensuring an outstanding convention in Buffalo. Thank you!

I am requesting that all Division and County Chairmen make contact with their “counterparts” on the NYS Board. It is important that communication be established so that information and ideas may be exchanged. This will give Chairs at all levels the optimal opportunity to achieve success and maximize the impact of your work.

Commodore John Barry Day, September 13th, is a National Holiday in our Order. According to our Constitution, it is to be “celebrated in an appropriate manner”. Commodore Barry is the Father of the American Navy, an American Revolutionary War Hero and the First Commissioned Naval Officer, having received his commission from President George Washington. Please remember Commodore Barry at your September meetings.

We are planning to hold our New York State Semi-Annual Board Meeting in Pearl River at Hibernian House on Saturday, November 4th.  Once hotel plans are finalized, specific details will be published and made available to all members.

I would like to thank the membership for electing me President at the Convention and for placing your trust in me. I would also like to thank the elected and appointed Officers for serving. I want you to know that I am relying on your expertise to promote the Good of the Order. I promise to dedicate myself to achieving excellence for the organization as a whole. I will work diligently to address the major issues we face as Irish-Catholics and I will commit myself to promoting our Irish Culture. In order to accomplish these goals, I will need the input and support of all Hibernians.  Once again, thank you. I look forward to seeing as many of my Brothers as possible in the coming months.