President’s Message

Brothers, once again it was great to see so many of you at our annual spring State Board meeting in East Durham. The attendance was over one hundred and included almost all of your State officers. The meeting was both productive and very enjoyable.


We now look forward to seeing you at the 98th biennial NYS Convention to be held July 8th thru July 11th at the Long Island Marriott in Uniondale. The committee has planned a great event and your participation is necessary to make it a success. Please make your reservations and send your package requirements as soon as possible. Hotel phone number is 516-794-3800.


As discussed at the State Board meeting our Counties and Divisions should be planning for activities and celebrations to commemorate the 1916 Easter Monday uprising and the Irish Proclamation of independence. Whether you observe it on Easter Monday, March 28th or on the actual anniversary of April 24th try to have some sort of dignified public display and if possible consider starting with a Mass.


This will be my last message as your State President. I want to thank you all for the opportunity that you have given me to serve you, our great state and our Order over the last two years. It has been a very rewarding experience. I have traveled across the state and have met great Hibernians everywhere I go. You are truly a terrific group of Irish – Catholic gentleman, fostering our culture and heritage and I thank you for your commitment our Order and all that we stand for. It has been my pleasure to meet you.


Have a safe and happy summer. God bless.

President’s Message

Brothers, I hope that this newsletter finds you well and managing this cold and snowy weather. This was certainly the year to be a snow bird. Take heart, pitchers and catchers have reported.

By now you should have submitted your Form 9 and Form 11 with your per capita assessments, which were due on February 15th, to both State and National Secretaries. I know that over two thirds of our Divisions have already done so. If you are in that last third you are in arrears! If so please address that situation as soon as possible. Form 9’s should be sent in immediately following your installations. Our State Secretary is in the process of updating our mailing list based on the most current Form 9’s. If yours is not in you likely will not receive the upcoming mailings on the spring State Board Meeting and the State Convention with accompanying events. Stay current, get your forms in.

The month of parades, parties and good cheer is upon us. St Patrick’s Day is almost here! Please party responsibly and please be vigilant for those who would degrade our proud Irish heritage. If you see something offensive speak up, complain and let your concern be known. Do not patronize that business.

If you need help contact our National Anti-Defamation Chairman, Neil Cosgrove at

Our next State Board Meeting will be held on Saturday, May 2nd at the Shamrock House in East Durham, starting at 10: am. Please make every effort to attend. Your participation is welcome and needed. The annual Jim Hayes Memorial golf tournament will be held in East Durham on Friday, May 1st. This is the event that funds our college scholarship program, so again your participation is important. It is a fun filled day with great camaraderie. Plan to make it a weekend.

The 98th biennial New York State Convention will be held July 8th thru July 11th at the Long Island Marriott in Uniondale. Mark your calendars and plan to be there. The committee promises a great event. Rooms can be reserved now by calling the Marriott at 516-794-3800. Complete information is to be mailed this week. (That is if we have your Form 9!).

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

President’s Message

Thank you to all who attended the recent Fall State Board meeting in Melville, Long Island. It went very well, everyone got to ask questions and voice their opinions and we still finished under two hours. Thanks especially to all who came to the testimonial dinner that followed. We had over two hundred forty in attendance and by all accounts everyone had a great time.

Brothers it is that time of year again, your nominations have been held, your elections are over and you should be planning for your installation of officers to be held in December or January. I look forward to being invited and I hope to be able to attend as many as my schedule will permit. Welcome to the newly elected officers and welcome back to the returning ones. Unless a Division has opted for two year terms an installation should be held every year to renew officer’s oaths, be sure to co-ordinate you installations with the County President or where no County Board exists with your District Director.

Your Form 9’s are due immediately following the installation. This is crucial in order to maintain proper communications with the State Board. Please file your Form 11 membership reports and per capita assessments promptly as well. Remember if postmarked by January 31st you will receive a fifty cent per member discount. All Division Presidents should have received the 2015 forms in the mail within the last week. Please be sure to use these forms when filing your State reports and not the National forms. Do not send National Form 11’s to the State Secretary. Note that there is no discount on the National per capita.

The 2015 State Board Calendars have been delivered to the District Directors and should be in the hands of all Divisions by now. Please make every effort to sell yours before years end. More can be obtained by contacting our Calendar Chairman, Tom Conway. Thanks for your continued support of the State charities.

As always, remember membership is the life blood of any organization. Let’s make 2015 the year we all try to bring in a new member. Divisions can contact Keith Reynolds, our State Organizer, to help with recruiting materials.


I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. “Remember the reason for the Season”. God bless.

President’s Message

Brothers, I hope that this mes-sage finds you all well and weathering the latest of our winter wonderland. We here on Long Island can now em-pathize with those of you in the Northland. We have had enough of this snow. But take heart, pitchers and catchers have reported.

A couple of reminders: first, Per Capita Assessments, Divi-sion Presidents, if you have not yet sent in your Form 11 and payments you are late and in arrears. Please submit them immediately! This is critical this year if your Division is to be included in National’s application to the IRS for tax exempt status. It is also important that you submit a new Form 9 each year whether or not there have been changes. Next, our NYS calendars, many Divisions have done a great job in selling their allocated calendars and we thank you, others not so much. There are still ten months left and over 300 days in which to win. If you still have unsold calendars please sell them now and return the stubs to the Calendar Chairman, Tom Conway. This is our only fundraiser to help with our charitable endeavors.

We are now in the season of St. Patrick’s parades and par-ties. Please celebrate respon-sibly and do not buy or wear any clothing, etc. that make a mockery of our Irish heritage. If you plan to march in the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade remember there is a dress code for the AOH. Simply said, that is “business attire” or unit uniform. Please cooperate. The State Board will form at 1:45 pm on West 46th St. between 5th and 6th Avenues, approximately mid block.

Wednesday, March 19th will see the annual “Catholics in the Capital” in Albany, day of prayer and lobbying sponsored by the NYS Catholic Conference. We would like to see a strong AOH presence at this event and encourage as many of you as can to attend, partic-ularly those from the Albany area, if you are going to go please wear your sashes.
We are hoping to have a State bowling tournament on April 12th in Watervleit. More info to follow.

The Spring State Board meet-ing will once again be held in East Durham on Saturday, May 3rd and will start at 10:30 am in the Shamrock House. It will be preceded on Friday, May 2nd by the annual James Hayes memorial golf tournament which will start at 8:30 am at the Sunny Hill Golf Course. Come and join your brothers for a great time.

If you have not already done so, please make you plans to go to the National Convention in St. Louis, Mo. July 30th thru Aug. 2nd. It is particular-ly important this year to have a strong showing from New York as there will be voting on changes to the Constitution that will affect us all. Now is the time to make your reservations, especially for flights. Some Divisions are running fundraisers to offset the cost of sending delegates. That may be something to consider.

Save the date! The Fall State Board meeting and AOH /LAOH Presidents dinner will be held on Saturday Novem-ber 8th at the Marriott Hotel in Melville, Long Island. Hope to see you there.

I had the honor to be seated next to Cardinal Egan at a dinner a few weeks ago and the he asked that I convey a message to the AOH. He said “Mr. Burke, please ask your Hibernians to become more involved in their Parishes”. I know that many of you al-ready are but I think this is something we should all con-sider during the upcoming season of Lent. There are many things we could do. We were after all founded to pro-tect the Faith.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and a very Happy and Holy Easter to you and your Families.

President’s Message – December 2013

Brothers, it was good to see so many of you at our recent State Board meeting in Monroe. The meeting was very well attended. Thank you all for making the effort to come. Kudos to the brothers from Orange County for running such a fine event. I hope you agree that it was both productive and informative. Many National issues as well as State issues were discussed. Remember to plan for St. Louis in July/Aug. 2014.

Your nominations and elections should now be behind you and installations should be beginning this month. I hope to be able to attend several of them and am looking forward to being with you.  Congratulations to all the newly elected officers. Please remember to get your Form 9’s in promptly.

As discussed at the Board meeting, due to National’s ongoing negotiations with the IRS to have our Divisions included in their non-profit status, it is especially important this year to have your per capita reports into the National Secretary by February 15th in order for your Division to be included in their filing.

The State board calendars are out and should be in the hands of all Divisions by now. This is our only State fundraiser so please get behind it. Please buy or sell your calendars and return your checks this month to calendar chairman, Tom Conway at PO Box 216, Islip, NY 11751. Thank you.

Speaking of calendars, I am requesting that all Divisions and Counties please post your up- coming events, dances, parties, concerts, fundraisers, installations, etc. on our State website events calendar.  This is free publicity and may help you to enhance attendance and generate income. Please participate. Email to State Webmaster, Joe McDonald, at

Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving and a very happy and holy Christmas season to you and your families.

President’s Message – September 2013

Thank you for the confidence and trust that you have placed in me by electing me your State President. It is a great honor. I promise to fulfill the duties of the office to the very best of my ability.

We are fortunate to belong to a great organization, the Ancient Order of Hibernians. New York with nearly eleven thousand members is the largest state in the Order. It is my goal to keep our great state moving forward, in membership, in charitable contributions and in leader-ship. I don’t intend to re-invent the wheel but to build on the successes of my predecessors, all great leaders. I am fortunate to have a great team on my executive board and with our Directors, all of whom I know to be tireless workers. We pledge to support your Divisions in any way possible. However, the president and executive board can’t row this ship alone. I am asking for your help. Get active. Get in-volved in your Divisions, especially in the area of re-cruitment. Make it your per-sonal goal to bring in at least one new member in the next year.

We have many talented and knowledgeable people in our state and together we can accomplish much. My door is always open to you don’t hesitate to call me if you think I can be of any help. I look forward to seeing you at our next state board meeting on November 2nd in Monroe.

God bless you all.