It’s never easy coming up with something original on the web today and all sites are based on elements of other sites. That being said, there are some credits and thank you that should go around.

A special thanks to National Webmaster Gene Burns, who generously let me use his code for the Officers page. He has done a nice job with the National Site and I really liked the way he laid out the officers on that page, which is duplicated over here.

The site design is based on a template by StudioPress, that I used on my Division’s website three years ago. But I made some major changes to it. For example, I used elements from the national Knights of Columbus site, especially with the flash at the top. None of the code was taken from that site, rather, I wrote it myself.

Also, the curved corners was something I used on the Nassau County Website and duplicated here. It will work on the most modern browsers, but unfortunately users of IE 7 and 8 will still see squared corners, as that feature is not available on those platforms. If you still are using those browsers, I would hightly suggest an upgrade, not just to see this site the way it was intended, but also because of security concerns using older browsers.

And the article slider came from a an open source JQuery rewritten by me to automate with WordPress.

So I hope you enjoy this site and if you have any questions feel free to contact me at

Thanks again,

Joe McDonald
NY State Webmaster
Ancient Order of Hibernians®