2020 NYS AOH/LAOH President’s Testimonial Dinner

Due to the continuing Public Health Emergency the NYS AOH/LAOH President’s Testimonial Dinner will be postponed until Spring 2021. Date and location to be determined.

Being honored at the dinner are:

Thomas A. Lambert
 President, New York State AOH

Marybeth Durkee
President, New York State LAOH

Past National AOH President Brendan Moore
2020 Burns Hayes Award Recipient


Download the commemorative journal contract if your county, division or individual members wish to recognize our honorees. 
Fall meeting and  spring accommodations are available at:
Gavin’s Country Inn                                   Shamrock House
118 Golden Hill Road                                2388 Route 145
Cornwallville, NY 12418                            East Durham, NY 12423
518-634-2582                                            518-634-2897 or 347-241-6489