Celebrating 100th Anniversary Schenectady Major Degree Team Confers Degree

The John F. Kennedy Division 1 Schenectady Major Degree Team (MDT) conferred the Major Degree of the Order on Saturday, February 29, 2020 in the Fr. Henry Tansey, Division 5 Hall in Albany.  In attendance were more than forty-five Brother Hibernians participating as degree team members, candidates and observers. Eleven Brothers from surrounding counties were inducted into the highest degree of the Order.

100 Years of Service to the Order

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy Division 1 Schenectady MDT.  On hand for this milestone occasion was Jack Schneider of Pennsylvania who is the National Chair for Rituals and Degrees who delivered greetings and congratulations on behalf of the National Board. The meeting and degree ceremony was opened by Kevin O’Reilly, District 1 Director who acted as presiding officer for the event. Also on hand was Tom O’Hagan, Past President of Montgomery County, PA who was representing Isle of Erin MDT, Kevin R. Cummings, NY AOH Co-Webmaster, Tim Carey, Immediate Past President of Albany Division 5 and Tim Weklar, President of Albany Division 5 who participated as a member of the John F. Kennedy Division 1 Schenectady MDT.  The degree team is led by Jim Gavin, Chairman and Owen Cole, Vice Chairman. Brothers from Division 5 and Schenectady Division 1 were well represented as observers at the event.