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Tyrone victims’ relatives are appealing for support for this  week’s AOH sponsored launches of the book . As Professor Mark McGovern of Edge Hill University in England joined by Mark Thompson of Relatives for Justice flew to  America to begin a multistate tour on Sunday in Philadelphia, Tyrone families made their appeal to underline the importance of American support in their battle for justice.

Poilin Quinn, sister of John Quinn murdered by the UVF alongside three other men in Cappagh, County Tyrone, on March 3rd 1991, said:

 “This book tells the definitive narrative of British state collusion in east Tyrone and elsewhere across the North of Ireland. It provides a voice to the families and is essential reading for anyone interested in Ireland, the conflict, the peace process, families’ struggle for truth and justice and addressing the legacy of the past.”

 Counterinsurgency and Collusion is the product of years of meticulous research by the author, Professor Mark McGovern of Edge Hill University, Liverpool, England. Working alongside the NGO Relatives for Justice his work draws on forensic and ballistic evidence, eye-witness accounts, and legal actions by families involving disclosures, court cases and inquests. The book contains key interviews with the families of those targeted and killed by the British government through its proxies within loyalist paramilitary gangs.

 Placing these experiences in the context of British colonial policies, Counterinsurgency and Collusion examines the deliberate targeting of republicans and their uninvolved relatives across the Mid-Ulster region of east Tyrone and south Derry from the late 1980’s until 1994 in a series of attacks in which collusion was a key feature.

 The UVF murder of Roseanne Mallon, the elderly aunt of Tyrone republican Martin Mallon features prominently in the book. This attack on the Mallon family home, in which Martin’s mother Bridget was also shot and wounded by the notorious UVF gang lead by Billy Wright, was watched by a covert unit of the British army who also recorded the attack.

Mr. Mallon said: 

“This book is an important contribution to exposing the policy of British state collusion in east Tyrone. It speaks truth to power.

“I’d call on all Tyrone people living in the US to attend the launches and support the families in getting the truth out about exactly what did happen to us and to expose Britain’s dirty war of terror and murder in Ireland.”

 Speaking ahead of a series of planned launches in Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC, Rutherford NJ, Boston, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Albany Poilin Quinn concluded:

 “The families continue the struggle for truth and accountability. This book lifts the lid on Britain’s shameful and murderous record in Ireland through pseudo terror gangs. It shatters the myth that the British were neutral observers. British collusion claimed hundreds of lives and families are battling everyday for the truth. I’d appeal to everyone to attend the launches, purchase the book, and read our truth”


Professor McGovern and Mark Thompson will appear at a series of not to be missed events, that will include New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Rutherford New Jersey, Boston, Newport, Rhode Island, Fairfield, Connecticut and Albany. They will reveal startling new facts and personally signed books will be available for purchase.

They will premiere in Philadelphia on Sunday June 2nd at the MacSwiney Club,510 Greenwood Avenue, Jenkintown  Philadelphia, beginning at 1:30pm,organized by Gerry McHale and Pearse Kerr.(267-767-7854).This venue was specifically chosen in memory of Liam Ryan, the former Clan na Gael member, whose murder is one of those investigated in the book, and who attended events there .

On Monday June 3rd. Professor McGovern and Mark Thompson will be in New York City for an event at O’Lunneys Time Square, 145 West 45th street starting at 7pm.

They travel to Washington DC for a series of key Congressional briefings on Tuesday June 4th and Wednesday June 5th and are arranging event at the prestigious National Press Club on Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm. Malachy McAllister’s case will also be highlighted during these events. They will be in Virginia at Murphy’s Irish Pub in Old Town Alexandria, VA for Wednesday June 5th at 6:30- 8:30 pm -Jim McLaughlin- (571 218-0181)

On Thursday June 6th,they will appear at American Legion Post 109 at 424 Carmita Ave, Rutherford, New Jersey at 7p.m. organized by Malachy McAllister.

 Professor McGovern and Mark Thompson will speak on Friday ,June 7th at the Watertown AOH Hall, 151 Watertown Street, near Boston, organized by Jack Lahey-(603-560–8192)and starting at 7pm.

They go to the Newport Rhode Island AOH Hall, from 1pm to 3pm on Saturday, June 8th organized by Kevin Doyle.(401-641-8183)

On Sunday June 9th,Bridgeport AOH will hold an event at the Gaelic American Club, 74 Beech Road in Fairfield, Connecticut starting at 2pm. (Tom Keane-203-256-8033-203-913-0375)

They will finish in Albany with a Monday evening June 10th event at the Irish American Heritage Museum,370 Broadway, at 7pm before meeting Irish American Legislators on Tuesday morning at the State Capitol.


Mark McGovern, Professor of Sociology at Edge Hill University in England, studied dozens of these killings in Tyrone and South Der Thompson and Relatives for Justice, Professor McGovern combined  original eyewitness accounts, and unpublished materials, with court transcripts and British military studies to put together a shocking new look at British collusion. His findings raise questions on hundreds of murders that were attributed to loyalists, but may have been carried out as part of an overall British strategy.