Westchester County Board Annual Dinner

National and State Officers from across the state attended the Annual Westchester County Dinner Dance held on Saturday, April 7, 2018 at the Mansion on Broadway, White Plains, NY.

Honorees are joined by national, state, county, division officers, division members and friends of the AOH in Westchester County

Brian Duffy, Westchester County Board President addresses the guests

Dan Dennehy, Martin Galvin, Jim Hamilton, Derek Warfield, Denis McCarthy, and Bob Bolbach

Honorees of the evening included Joseph Brady, Regimental Piper for the Fighting 69th Infantry Regiment of the US Army.  Many will know Joe as the bagpiper who leads the NYC St. Patrick‚Äôs Parade up 5th Avenue each year. Joe was joined by family and friends.

Honoree Joe Brady with family and friends enjoying the evening

The second honoree of the evening was Robert Bateman, AOH Life Member and County Historian.  Bob was presented with the Spirit of Freedom Award. Bob’s longtime friend, Derek Warfield of the legendary group the Wolfe Tones, dropped in to help honor Bob for his contributions to the AOH in Westchester County.

Bob Bateman with grandson Griffin, Derek Warfield of the Young Wolfe Tones and Historian Liam Murphy

Honoree Bob and his wife, Camille Bateman

Honorees Bob Bateman and Joe Brady are all smiles during the festivities