Update: AOH & LAOH Legislative Day

AOH & LAOH Legislative Day – Albany, April 24, 2018


For those who will be in Albany for the presentation of the 1918 Irish Freedom Resolution, please note that there has been one change.  Senator Boyle’s Office has informed us that the NYS Senate will be meeting at 10:00 AM and that the presentation should take place between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM.  If you are able to attend, please join us.
If you can’t join us in Albany it’s not too late to seek the support of your NYS Senator or Assembly Representative:
The NYS Assembly session is still scheduled to start at 2:00 PM.  We will still meet outside the Assembly Chamber in the Capitol at 1:30 PM to organize.  We will still meet at the Hall for the 5:00 PM reception to celebrate and recognize the 1918 Irish Freedom Resolution.


Many Brother and Sister Hibernians plan to join State President Vic Vogel and FFAI Chair Martin Galvin in Albany as the “1918 Irish Freedom Mandate Vote” is recognized by the NYS Assembly and Senate.  We’re thrilled to have participation of our AOH State Leadership but more Brothers are needed to strengthen our efforts.

A few details regarding our events:

The NYS Assembly will start session at 2pm.  We will meet outside the Assembly Chamber in the Capitol at 1:30pm to organize our group. Please dress appropriately (suits/sport coats, shirts and ties) for the event.  Please note, there are security checkpoints at each entrance of the Capitol and Legislative Office Building (LOB).  Pocketknives and other items will not be allowed beyond security.

Parking downtown is very limited as Tuesday is “Lobby Day” and many other organizations will be at the Capitol.  Parking is available at the Albany Hibernian Hall (375 Ontario Street) and we will plan to carpool or Uber for the five minute ride downtown.

Following events at the Capitol, we will proceed to the Hall for the 5pm reception to celebrate and recognize the “1918 Irish Freedom Mandate Vote” and Legislative Resolutions.

We hope to see on Tuesday for a important day for our Order.  With your help, we will grow our presence in the Legislature which will serve us well for years ahead.

Safe travels to all and we thank you for your support.

Any questions, please contact Liam McNabb at liammcnabb@hotmail.com or at 518-207-6990.


Liam McNabb
AOH National Director and NYS AOH Political Education Chair 


Save the Date – Albany, April 24, 2018

During our New York State Convention, we resolved to mark the centenary of Ireland’s historic All-Ireland election in 1918 where the Irish people voted for freedom, a mandate to the 1916 Easter Rising and Proclamation, and a free Irish parliament or Dail Eireann. It was this election which put the lie to British claims that 1916, and the very idea of Irish independence had no popular support.

We have had a great success!

New York State Senator Boyle and Assemblyman Cusick have just confirmed that during the afternoon session of April 24th,there will be a special discussion on the floor of both the Assembly and the Senate on legislative resolutions honoring Ireland’s Freedom Mandate and also commending the AOH and Ladies AOH for Irish-American contributions to America and Ireland.

AOH and LAOH officers will be introduced from both the Senate and Assembly floor and your own state senators and assembly members may acknowledge and point out individual members they know by name from the floor.
We are then inviting senators and assembly members to join us for a special event at the Albany AOH Hall immediately following the Assembly and Senate sessions around 5:00 pm.I am calling upon all State, County and Division officers to make an urgent action request for as many members as possible to attend the the New York State Senate and Assembly sessions and AOH-LAOH event afterwards on April 24th.

The assembly Session should begin at 1:00 pm. We want as many areas around the state as possible to be represented. If you want to sit in the gallery as our AOH resolutions are commended, you must wear proper attire such as a suit jacket and tie. You should also visit or phone your state senate or assembly member to alert them that you will be present at the legislative event. We ask that you extend an invitation to them to attend the special AOH-LAOH event afterwards.

Brothers and friends: this special commendation on the NYS Senate and Assembly floor is a day for which we can all be proud. We need as many of you from around the state to attend and show our state representatives that the AOH and Irish Americans expect the same recognition as others for our history and contributions.

Martin Galvin
NYAOH Freedom for All Ireland (FFAI) Chair