President’s Report – March 2018

Vic Vogel

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all;  I hope everyone has the opportunity to celebrate our Patron Saint in a way that expresses the true ideals of the Order.  I’ll look for you on the Avenue!

I would like to congratulate and thank the New York State Chairs for their outstanding accomplishments to date. Many of their events are known to the general membership, but not nearly all of them. I would like to recognize some of the highlights:

Tom Beirne:  Catholic Action – Miles for Miracles that raised more than $15,000.

Martin Galvin:  FFAI – The Mark Thompson Speaking Tour that raised awareness of the plight of Relatives for Justice.

Kevin Cummings:  Organizer – Two new divisions organized in NYS in the past year with an assist from Tim McSweeney.

Jack O’Brien:  Pro-Life – March for Life in Washington, DC had a significant Hibernian presence due to his networking.

Mike Byrne:  Sports – Organizing the Inaugural Annual NYS AOH Irish Football Tournament at Gaelic Park coming this April.

Kevin Ellis and Kevin Cummings:  Webmasters – Continued excellence in maintaining the highly professional NYS AOH Website.

Liam McNabb:  PEC – Initiative in contacting the NYS Irish Legislators’ Society regarding NYS AOH Resolution.

Dermot Moore:  Special Projects – Hosting Rambling House, NYS Board Meeting and Mark Thompson event in Style!

Dan Dennehy:  Immigration – Involvement on numerous occasions with government officials taking up the case of the Irish.

Mike McCormack:  History – Donating many of his historical, non-fiction books to the Irish Cultural Collection at the East Islip Library.

Brian Clancy:  Buy Irish – Organizing the Celtic Connection in Suffolk County that will soon be introduced to other Counties.

Barry Heathwood:  Commodore Barry – Donating Commodore Barry material for the Irish Cultural Collection at the East Islip Library.

Tom McKenna:  Editor – Continued excellence in publishing the Empire State Hibernian.

Matt Buckley: Charities and Missions and Barry Griffith: Deputy Charities and Missions – Documenting charitable donations of all counties and divisions according to the new guidelines enumerated in the NYS AOH By-Laws.

John O’Connell: Publicity and Jeff Nisler: Deputy Publicity – Documenting events in NYS for publication in the National Digest.

John Ryan:  Veterans’ Affairs – Keeping our veterans aware of their rights.  Thank you for your service!

Jim Russell:  Scholarship – Placing all scholarship information on the NYS Website.

Pete Durkee:  Calendar – Always working toward 100% sales.

Jim Burke:  Audit Committee and Deputies Kevin O’Reilly, Ken Ferguson and Mike McNabb – Maintaining and establishing guidelines within which the NYS budget should operate.

Jack Ryan:  Liaison – Establishing Food Pantry programs in conjunction with the NYS LAOH.

I am truly blessed to have the advantage of working for this group of talented Chairmen.  Given the opportunity, there is no limit to the success they will achieve.

I look forward to seeing my Hibernians Brothers at the next State Board Meeting in East Durham on May 5, 2018.  Please be prepared to discuss Delegates to the National Convention.