Veteran’s Affairs Report for February 2016

Veterans Affairs
Jack Ryan, VSO

Members of the Reserve and the National Guard may be eligible for up to 36 months of educational benefits.
To qualify:
1. Have a six year Obligation to the reserve or Guard
2. Complete initial active duty for training
3. Meet the requirements to receive a high school diploma or equivalent
4. Remain in good standing with the Reserve or Guard unit
The rate for full time training effective Oct. 1, 2013is $362.00 per month Part-time rates are reduced proportion-lately. Eligibility expires 15 years from the last period of active duty.

Home Health Care
Home Health Care includes VA’s Skilled Home Health Care Services and Homemaker and Home Health Aid Ser-vices.
Skilled Home Health Care Services
These services are in-home services provided by specially trained personnel, including nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and social workers. Care includes; clinical assessments, treatment plan-ning, treatment provision, health status monitoring, patient and family education, reassessment, referral and follow up.
Homemaker/Home Health Aide Services
These services are personal care and related support services that enable frail and disabled Veterans to live at home.
Family Caregivers Program
This program provides support and assistance to caregivers of Post 9/11 Veterans and Service Members being medically discharged. Eligible Family Caregivers can receive a stipend, training, mental health services, travel and lodging reimbursement, and access to health insurance if they are not already under a health care plan. For more information contact or call 1-877-222-8387.

As the St. Patrick’s celebration season arrives and we all celebrate our Patron Saint and our rich heritage please remember our Service Members who are away from home and cannot join us. Keep them in your prayers.
God Bless America.