NYS Catholic: Right to Life Poll

As pro-abortion advocates continue to push for the so-called “Reproductive Health Act,” a new statewide poll reveals that voters overwhelmingly oppose expanding the state’s abortion laws and, indeed, favor greater restrictions on abortion than what is already in law.

While a majority of respondents (55 percent) described themselves as “pro-choice,” two out of three (66 percent) said there is sufficient access to abortion in the state. When informed of the actual number of recorded abortions each year (111,000), the number of people who agreed there is sufficient access to abortion rose to 79 percent, with only 7 percent of respondents disagreeing that there is sufficient access to abortion in the state.

The survey, conducted January 27 through January 31, 2013, by McLaughlin and Associates, found that only 17 percent of likely voters approve of unlimited abortion on demand through the ninth month of pregnancy, which would be permissible under the “Reproductive Health Act.” Conversely 80 percent of voters disapprove of such a policy, 61percent of them strongly.

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